Monday, January 29, 2007

Oh yeah, By the Way...

Not only did I win..but I won twice. Woot!
First. I totally thought Lauren had it in the bag for the Hidcote contest, seeing as she was the first to post a finished shawl. (24 hours before me). But she being the stand-up, noble person she is eliminated herself from prizes because she started early.
Now I don't know about you, but I am not sure I could be that magnanimous (big word I know..B suggested it..he's an English major.) Especially if the prize was of the fiber kind..and a free pattern from Mim. I would like to think I could be...but it would be darn hard to do.
So, yes, I won. When I get my prize yarn I will post about it. As far as a pattern go's (if I get a choice)..I think I will choose Seraphim. I have been eying that pattern for a while now. But I would be happy with any of her patterns..that lady has got some talent with the lace!

Second. The Heathen Housewife ran a little contest on her blog, and I was drawn for one of the prizes! Wowza's! Not only did I win..but I got my first choice from the spoils. She is sending me some hand-dyed sock yarn that she personally dyed herself.
Maybe I should go buy a lottery ticket before my luck runs out. =)

So in knitting news..I am SOOO close to finishing the Baby Blanket..but I just realized I have to do 12 more rows then what I originally thought...HMMPH! And the Peapod just got separated for the armholes. I still have hope though. However...

My mom is visiting from California, she just got here today. She's got lot's of people wanting her attention, (my sis and her family, and my other all the other friends she's made on her visits up here), but I get her tomorrow.
I am not sure what all we will be doing yet. The one thing I do know is what we are having for dinner. My mom brought me a pizza, (which she vacuum sealed and froze), from my ab-fab favorite place in the whole world Chicago Pasta. It's the reason why the word "pie" is used for pizza..yum!

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Out with the with the new.

So, as you can see there have been a few changes on this here blog. I switched over to the new blogger yesterday. I was not sure at first if I had made a good choice, because I was not able to post any pictures until now..and I had to sign in at least 5 times to access my account.

But now, all seems well. There are some cool new features which I will be playing around with..and with a little luck, maybe I'll have a blog like the "cool people" do.

On another note THANK YOU SO MUCH for all of your nice comments on the Hidcote. I am very pleased with her. If you have a desire to make one yourself you can join up with the KAL .
I thought I would want a break from lace after finishing this huge project..but I find myself itching for more...thank goodness the Forest Path Stole KAL is just around the corner.

Before I can begin the FPS though, I need to finish my January goals. I still have to finish the baby blanket and the Peapod set...and I am a little behind.
Why you ask? What a great question.
The other night I was working along on this adorable little sweater and realized that I was going through my yarn pretty fast..too fast. So I measured the garment and found it was 4" larger then it was supposed to be.
I did do a gauge swatch..but a half-assed one. You know the one where you knit a 2" square instead of a 4" square and hope for the of these days I will realize that plan does not work for me.
So, I ripped it out. Both sleeves, and about 1/3 of a sweater worth..and restarted.
I went from a size 2 needle to a size 0...the pattern calls for a size 5..(did I mention I was a loose knitter?)..and all seems to be well now.
Look at the are the sleeves.

It was so hard to rip it out, but now that I see the difference..I am glad I did. This is for my grand-niece..and I want it to be right! There is no room for mistakes on this one.

I have both sleeves reknit..and I am now past the point where I ripped out the body.

There's a lot more done then what the pictures show..but I wanted to show how it is coming along.

The whole deal:

Close up detail of the lace portion:

And a sleeve:
It is going pretty quickly and I am sure I will have this done by Wednesday.

But I am seriously behind on the Baby blanket. I have ignored it the past few days even though I know I need to do a certain amount of rows per day to get it done...I am going to have to put Peapod away tonight and work on the blanket if there is to be any hope of getting it finished by February first.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Test Test

Switched to the new blogger today..not sure if that was a good idea. I can't upload pictures, and I am not sure if this will even publish. GRRRRR!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Ta Da!

So B and I were finally able to grab a few minutes to get some pictures of Hidcote. Granted some of them are not all that great..And I look pretty frumpy, but it's not about me, it's about the shawl.

Ahhh, so warm and cuddly. =)

Why didn't he say it wasn't centered?

I TOLD you it was big!

Alright already! Stop taking my damn picture!

And I saved the best for last!Payback's a Bitch, aint it B?

In an odd way, it suits him don't you think?

Monday, January 22, 2007


Hidcote is finished. I actually finished her on Saturday night, but was hoping to get some good "action shots" before posting.
Well, the photographer and I have not been able to schedule a time to get some good pics of her, so this blocking shot will have to do.
Isn't she pretty? I love it! It is quite large, I was a bit worried it may be too large. But when I wrap it around me it comes down to my knees, and the overall effect is dramatic. It is sooo delicious to wear.

Specs are as follows:
Pattern: Hidcote Shawl by Miriam Felton
Needles: KP Options size 3
Yarn: KP Shadow in the Vineyard colorway. Apx 3 1/2 skeins (can you say Cheap?)
Finished dimensions: About 9 Ft. Across the top edge, and 5 1/2 Ft. From center point to tip.
time to knit: Started late night Dec. 31st, and finished evening of January 20th.

And there you have it! My first FO of 2007, and I could not be more pleased!

With any luck I will have some better pictures tomorrow. =)

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Like this surprises me..

what about you? What kind of needle/knitter are you? Were you surprised by the results?

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By the way..Hidcote is finished! Updates and finished pics soon!

Tell me something I don't know...

What Kind of Knitter Are You?

You appear to be a Knitting Guru. You love knitting and do it all the time. While finishing a piece is the plan, you still love the process, and can't imagine a day going by without giving some time to your yarn. Packing for vacation involves leaving ample space for the stash and supplies. It can be hard to tell where the yarn ends and you begin.
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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Hidcote update...

So we left off at chart 7.. I have just started chart 10. Holy bejeezus I feel like this thing is sucking the life force out of me. Don't get me wrong, I love it..But I would not recommend trying to finish it in 3 weeks.
The extra yarn I ordered came the day I was thisclose to running out of my last skein, I could not have timed it more perfectly if I tried.

So here is some more progress pics, maybe you are getting sick of them, but it is still fascinating me!

So here is after chart 8..

And this my friends is after chart 9..I think I have created a monster =)

(Scrappy thinks it is a new blankie for her. Who needs a kitty-pie when you can lay on mamma's lace?)

OK, back to work, even though I am on the last chart with 21 rows + bind off left (after finishing a gajillion), I heard that I am only 85% done with the shawl. ARGH! See what I mean about sucking the life out of me? I really, really hope to have this done by the end of the week. We shall see.

In other news..The sock blankie has seen the light of day again...The baby blankie got some action the other night..And the Peapod set...Well, that is going to be getting some serious love once Hidcote is done (if it ever is! =) )

Saturday, January 13, 2007

I must be dreaming!

Yeah, I must be dreaming if I think I am going to be the first one to finish the Hidcote. I have been knitting non-stop on this thing, and I have just finished chart 7 (out of 10). That's some damn fine progress if you ask me. But it is not going to be enough. There is one KAL member who is already on chart 9, maybe even chart 10 by now. Jeesh, I don't know how she did it. More power to her though. Anyway, I got a few things I wanted to talk about in this post.
  • The button and KAL situation.
  • The knit from my stash thing.
  • The UFO thing
  • Hidcote progress
  • Revamping of knitting goals

So there you have a brief little outline of where I am going with this post...Did I leave anything out?

Ok, first off. I am pleased to say I finally figured out how to get the buttons on the side bar. I have not figured out how to link them, but hey it's a start right.

Yes, I know that there are a crud load of buttons on there...And there may be a few more soon. I have a few more KAL's I need to join up with.

Why do I need to join up with them you ask? Well, cuz I justified a couple of yarn purchases by saying I would be a part of the KAL for its intent (like Arianne, and Deep V Argyle Vest). The vest could work for 2..The vest along (kind of old though so not sure if it is still active) and the Colorwork Challenge.

So yes, I have somewhat cheated on my yarn diet..But I am hanging on by a thread (no pun intended.) I still think I am doing well, but I have realized that if I want to buy/knit something, I look for a KAL for it, and then decide to buy yarn for it (before checking the stash..Bad girl!). I got to nip that behavior in the bud. As soon as I find a KAL for the Combo Corset T (as seen on Knitty Gritty, designer Annie Modesitt...Love her!), I promise, I swear I will be good!

Do you believe me? What's the date today? Hey, come on, I can do it!

OK, the UFO thing. There's this great idea that I am going along with which is that you pick up a newUFO every month and work on it(and keep working on it) so at the end of the year they are completed..Or at least in active status again. Considering all the stuff I have OTN right now, I decided this was a good idea for moi. Tonight I made a game plan of what I will tackle each month, as well as my Project Spectrum and Sweater A Month projects. I think my goals are quite reasonable..And I am a bit excited about it....

Now, the Hidcote progress...I know you are all dying to see my horrible progress pics. This sucker is getting so big it is impossible to photograph! I had to order more yarn (sigh) so I can finish it...I think it may be a blanket by the time I am done..But what a blanket!

Ok, so the last pic was me finished with chart 3.

Here's after chart 4:

And chart 5:

And chart 6: (this is where the pattern changes)

And chart 7:

I am hoping to have this done by the middle of next week...We shall see.

And of course, the last thing I have to talk about are my knitting goals for January. They are as follows:

  1. Finish Hidcote (no problem)
  2. Finish Baby Blanket (baby was born on the 5th, sweet Sophia Claire)
  3. Start/Finish Peapod baby set (Sweater a Month KAL)
  4. Start working on mitered sock blankie again (UFO)

If I am able to accomplish all that, I will get a head start on my Feb. Goals...I got a lot going on in Feb...Of course I would it is the shortest month!

Oh by the way, we got some snow up here...A darn lot actually. And although my experiences with it have not been all that fine and dandy..Some people had a jolly good time.

(I especially love the easy chair in the back...A guy sat in it and posed for B. He said they were going to make a real ice chest to go along side. Sweeeeeeeeeeet.)

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Feelin' Lacy

After just performing some major operation on the Hidcote, I have to say I am not as jazzed about writing this as I was earlier..Oh well. Things are all better now and she is waiting patiently for me to get back to her..So let me make this entry as brief as I can.

I started the shawl late Sunday night (around 10 or so)...and I got the first repeat and part of the 2nd done before I hit the hay.
And I spent a glorious Monday sitting on my bum and knitting away for the entire day and so I was able to get through chart 3.
Back to work Tuesday..So not as much progress, but good enough. If it had not been for my screw up and then dropping stitches while tinking (cuz I did not put a lifeline in) I would be through chart 4 and well into chart 5 today..But as it stands I am about 3/4 through chart 4.

Why the hurry?

  • Well, I am a bit addicted to this project and to lace in general
  • There is a prize for the first one finished in the KAL (yarn! and pattern from Mim!)
  • I am highly competitive
  • I want that prize
  • There are others ahead of me
  • I am crazy

Need I say more?

So for the fun of it, I have been taking pictures after each chart to get an idea of how much this baby is growing.

Chart 1:

Chart 2:
Chart 3:
Yowza's this thing is getting big. I got a feeling it is going to be huge!

And of course the close up:
Can't wait to get to chart 6, that is where the next pattern comes in to play.

OK, back to work! This girl needs to get her ass in gear!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

A day late and a dollar short

Ok, ok maybe it is 2 days late for those of you that posted your resolutions on the 31st...And I am more then a dollar short..But that IS how the saying goes.

A lot of people out there are doing this for the upcoming year..And after much inner struggle, I have decided to join up as well.. Of course I am modifying the rules a bit otherwise I would go nuts!

After much thought, here is what I have come up with:

I am not allowed to buy any yarn in the next year with the following exceptions:

1. I can buy yarn for KAL's, but must use stash yarn first if I have it.

2. I have some yarn I have been planning on buying (from Knit Picks) and so that is exempt..The only reason it was not bought before the new year is because I did not have the budget for it. (Placed order today). The yarn I bought is for KAL's anyway, so there!

3. As above, KP will not be carrying a yarn I need for a colorwork project until March..So I am allowed to buy that yarn then.

4. I am allowed to buy yarn to complete a project. (This does not mean I can buy 10 skeins of yarn for a sweater because I had 2 skeins in my stash originally planned for a small project.)

5. I can accept gifts of yarn, gift cards, or store credit for samples made, and use those to buy yarn.

6. I can buy patterns, books, and notions. But only if needed. (No more stitch counters damn it!)

7. I can buy yarn for charity projects (Dulaan) or for a gift (promised B a handmade something this year)..But I must start THAT DAY on it!
8. I may buy sock yarn..But not to exceed enough for 2 pairs or $50 a month..Whichever option is cheaper.

IF I can do this for 3 months I can buy myself a kit not to exceed $50. I am thinking yarn for the Einstein coat or maybe a shawl kit (like the Spider Queen shawl.)

IF I can do this for 6 months I am allowed to buy a Mermaid kit..Or something else around that budget $120 or so.

IF I can do it for a year..I get all of the above plus
  • A Bohus kit (have you seen Wendy's? Just to die for!)
  • Some handmaiden Sea Silk
  • Enough Rowan Kid Silk Haze of Alchemy Haiku to make a shawl.
  • One more small thing..To be determined.

To be honest, I think I can do it for 3 months, maybe even 6 months...But a year...That is going to be VERY hard. That is why the gifts are so big..Got to have something to work towards!

As far as knitting goes my goals for that are:

Finish all my WIP's

Take on 4 projects that I am intimidated by (i.e. steeks, Shetland lace)

Get to know entrelac more intimately..Thinking Lady E. and Forest Canopy shawl.

Make more socks! (lets say 10 pair)

Make something for B..I.m thinking the Durrow sweater.

Get at least 5 things made for Dulaan.

Finish the mitered sock blanket I promised to make for charity ( I don't know about the charity thing anymore.. I really love this blanket, and I would want it to go to a good home!) If I was able to auction it for a good price I would donate the money to a great charity..I was thinking about the Harlot's.

And that is about it.

In current knitting news, the Hidcote is in it's 4th chart and has taken all precedence over all other projects..I am addicted! I will post progress pics and go into more detail about it tomorrow.

HAPPY NEW YEAR by the way!