Saturday, July 21, 2007

I must be some kind of a Super Nerd!

Look what I got:

Don't be hatin'! I promise not to tell you how it long as you promise to do the same. I am afraid to read or watch anything because I know some dumb ass will give it away.

Me? I am many things, but dumb ass is not one of them. =) (Well, not usually anyway).

So I am taking the day to read some HP..and when I am ready for a break, I have this to distract me:

The Mystery I the only one doing it in a lighter color? There are beads on it, maybe if you click for big you can see them.

All the while I will be drinking this:

A nonfat, no whip, peppermint mocha......yum!

So yeah, I may have gone out late last night, had a few drinks, crashed at my friend Erin's house, woke up feeling like poo, and looking worse...but did I go home and take a shower and rest up a bit? Nope, I went sans shower, in clothes from last night, with last night's hair and make up to Starbucks...and then the Barnes and Noble...yep, I am THAT hard core..

But you know what? There is always someone that is going to be a bigger nerd then me:

Exhibit A: Exhibit B:
(This is a friend of mine doing his "happy dance". No, not for the new Harry Potter, just cause he's an uber dork.)

And with that, I feel much better. Time for a shower and then I got a hot date with a young wizard.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Gettin' My Groove Back

Sorry y'all. I know it has been a long time.
You probably have given up on me, and I can't say I don't blame you.

There has been some changes going on in my life...some more difficult to adapt to then others. But I am here, and I am going to try and make it up to you. =)

I have not been doing much knitting at all until lately.

However, I did manage to finish up my Dulaan items..but I did not get them mailed in time. Oh well, I am sure they will be appreciated for next year. I will post pics of them soon.

In other knitting news, I have WAY to much on the needles. My goals are shot all to hell. But I am OK with that. Hopefully I will get some things on the FO list soon. You know how it is, I know I am not the only one.

I too succumbed to the lure of the Mystery Stole, and after a crazy hunt for a small enough crochet hook to get the beads on, I have begun. I am half way through the first clue..and I am addicted. Again, pics soon...promise.

Also I started Fifi with The Sexy Knitters Club. I am not that far into it, but I am loving the yarn (Rowan Calmer) and the pattern.

And of course, there are socks. I have the Twisted Flower Socks,(going very slowly), the Victorian Lace Socks (from the 6 socks KAL), a pair of Sidewinders, and some plain socks in Austermann Step on the needles.

And if that was not enough? I got my invite to Ravelry...I am not even going there yet...I know once I do it will be all over for me.

So how are YOU doing?