Friday, June 01, 2007

I'm a Groupie!

I will get to the whole "groupie" thing in a minute...but first....

I finished the Round 6 Sock Madness socks! These were the socks that got me knocked out of the competition (and a good thing too! I was getting a little crazy there for a while. =) )

Here is the bottom view of the socks, yes they are patterned on both sides!

And here is the top view:
I am not really sure which sock I like better. I think the top view looks better with the more pink sock..but I think the bottom looks better with the more brown sock. Oh well, they are super cool all the same. I don't think they will get much wear, but I love looking at them in my sock drawer!

I used Lorna's Laces Chocolate and Pretty in Pink for these beauties.

OK. So on to the groupie part of the post (warning, there is yarn pRon ahead!)

I have been having a rough time lately, and earlier this week I decided to do a little retail therapy. Some people buy shoes and makeup..I go for the good stuff, sock yarn!

If you knit socks, (and if you don't you really should! They are so much fun!) you probably know about a little online shop called The Loopy Ewe.

If you do knit socks, and you have not heard of The Loopy Ewe, go there NOW! I love, love, love this store. And Sherri (Ms. Loopy herself) could not be a nicer person no matter how hard she tried.

And fantastic customer service! I ordered my yarn on Wednesday, and it got here today. And that is how it always is when I order from her.

And the yarn? Well, I will let that speak for itself:

From L to R: sKNITches Bebop sock in Woodlands, The Knittery Merino Cashmere sock in Forest Moss (eat your heart out sockergirl!), Wooly Boully in Beneath the Cherry Trees (this stuff is so darn soft!), and finally Claudia's Handpainted in Peppermint Mocha. (It's my drink of choice, I had to have the yarn!)

By the way, that customer service I was talking about? Well, with the first 5 orders you place with the Loopy Ewe, you get a little gift. I am not going to tell you what they were, but they were all very cool.

When you place your sixth order with them, you become a Loopy Groupie...guess which order this was for me? ;)

And look what I got:
Is that not the cutest tote you ever saw in your life? Plus the soak samples, I have been wanting to try that.....and the Opal yarn? Wow!

I have been eying this particular Opal color for quite some time. How did Sherri know that? It makes me think of Harley Davidson for some reason..or a tiger.
Once I get socks made with this yarn you know what I have to do right? I got to buy me a pet tiger and I got to buy a Harley..I have to coordinate don't I?

Anyway, can you tell I am one very satisfied customer?

Oh, and if you don't knit socks...she also sells amazing lace weight yarn!!!!