Saturday, July 21, 2007

I must be some kind of a Super Nerd!

Look what I got:

Don't be hatin'! I promise not to tell you how it long as you promise to do the same. I am afraid to read or watch anything because I know some dumb ass will give it away.

Me? I am many things, but dumb ass is not one of them. =) (Well, not usually anyway).

So I am taking the day to read some HP..and when I am ready for a break, I have this to distract me:

The Mystery I the only one doing it in a lighter color? There are beads on it, maybe if you click for big you can see them.

All the while I will be drinking this:

A nonfat, no whip, peppermint mocha......yum!

So yeah, I may have gone out late last night, had a few drinks, crashed at my friend Erin's house, woke up feeling like poo, and looking worse...but did I go home and take a shower and rest up a bit? Nope, I went sans shower, in clothes from last night, with last night's hair and make up to Starbucks...and then the Barnes and Noble...yep, I am THAT hard core..

But you know what? There is always someone that is going to be a bigger nerd then me:

Exhibit A: Exhibit B:
(This is a friend of mine doing his "happy dance". No, not for the new Harry Potter, just cause he's an uber dork.)

And with that, I feel much better. Time for a shower and then I got a hot date with a young wizard.


Denise said...

Now, you know I won't ruin the book for you, but I was quite upset when 2 particular people died. One of them was one of my favorite characters. Oh well, all in all it was very good & I don't think the ending will leave you with many complaints. Enjoy!

Miss Scarlett said...

I loved Hallows!

If you want to chat about it when you are done we could e-mail each other. :-D

Love your friend's Happy Dance, though I would have liked it more if it was for Harry Potter!

Sockergirl said...

Hey super nerd girl. Missed you this week. hope you finished your book and are back to knitting. :)

Anonymous said...

call your mother. She loves you and you can tell her all about the book.

Molly said...

Mel! Mel! Where have you been? All is well, I hope. Write to me at mutterofpurl AT hotmail DOT com.