Thursday, October 02, 2008

The blob

I started knitting this shawl around this time last year. It has been sitting on my coffee table untouched for about 8 or 9 months now. Which is pretty sad for many reasons..the biggest one being that I only have 22 more rows to knit + bind off and it would be done.

It really does look like a blob doesn't it? But the finished project is quite lovely. Here is (hopefully) a link to a picture of the final product.. Dracula's Bride
One of my goals this month is to finish this baby. One row takes about an hour to complete..and there is patterning on both sides. It is a lesson in patience believe me!
But I tell myself that if I did just one row a day, I could have it done by the end of the month, possibly maybe even for Halloween!
It is going good so far, I did my row for the day already..and surprisingly.. I kind of enjoyed it.

Now, if you will excuse me, I have a small mountain of knits calling my name.

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