Friday, March 06, 2009

The Good, The Bad, and The UGH!

It has been a while since we have had any real knitting content on this blog hasn't it? Whatever happened to those January goals? And where the heck were Februarys? Yeah, I know, BAD BLOGGER! (Or is that bloger? The first spelling looks better, whatev.)
Well today, I plan to show you actual FO"S, a good knit gone bad, and finally fess up to how the January goals went.
(By the suck as usual. Can you believe these were taken outside in the middle the day? We even have sun today, but my yard is completely in shade and I did not feel like taking pictures in the middle of the street in my pajamas and slippers...yeah, I know, but they are so comfy!)
Alrighty then, here we go.

The good:

Marlene socks by Cookie A. Knit with All Things Heather in Raspberry on 000 needles. Start to finish was about a week.

The pattern was a lot of fun, easier then Pomatomus I would say. The yarn looked so good I wanted to eat it! It was not the softest to work with but after soaking it softened right up. It did bleed a lot in its blocking bath, but it did not take away from the color at all.

Next, (these were so hard to get a picture of!).

Primavera socks knit with The Sanguin Gryphon in Hatched on Size 00 needles.

LOVE the pattern, LOVE the yarn! I highly reccomend both. Alas, these little lovelies are not destined for my feet. They were very, very hard to give up. But I liked the pattern so much I think I will cast on another pair for myself, as soon as I can put it in my knit schedule.

And now the Bad. This next photo is not for the faint of heart. You may want to skip this..

FELTED!!!! These are the Through the Loop Mystery socks knit in Panda Silk (which said hand wash only and I was well aware of it, even alerted Adam to watch out for them in the hamper). They were lovely and soft and fit on my feet perfectly. I think I wore them three times. My sweetie put them in the washer, and he felt horrible about it..but they came out fine. The reason for their sad state is my fault. I did not pay attention when I was doing the wash, and threw these babies right into the dryer. OOPS!

And as if it could not get any worse after that...

The UGH!

All Hand knits waiting for finishing work. They have sat in this state for about a month now. Now that I have posted this here I hope I have shamed myself into getting them done.

You know, this post has become way to long already. I think I will save the next post to talk about the monthly goals...I promise you wont have to wait another month to find out. =)

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