Sunday, August 20, 2006

BAM! Another FO!

The first of the baby blankets is done!

OK, I still need to block it and trim the ends off, but let's just say it is done shall we?

The pattern is called Lace Blocks and is from the book Big Needle Knit Afghans. I used Bernat afghan yarn. I love me co-worker Lauren, but I was not about to break the bank to make this blanket! Besides, this is totally washable and dryable, and you know how mommies need that!

If the pattern looks familiar to you it is because there is a very similar looking pattern for a scarf in Scarf Style, and don't we all own a copy of that?

Here's a close-up...My that is a lot of squares!

Scrappy had to test it out and make sure it was up to her specifications.

I am not exactly sure what this look means. I have a feeling it has to do more with the catnip mouse she was playing with right before this pic was taken then her thoughts about the blankie.

It was a fun and easy knit. There was a chart to follow but it was super super easy! Do not be afraid of charts my friends, they can make your knitting life a heck of a lot easier. (OK, so I may have to try this a bit more before I can really form an opinion but for now, I stand by what I say!)

I finished it in record time, the shower is on the 27th of August. I also made her a baby kimono (from Mason-Dixon Knitting, don't get me started, I am obsessed with that book!) and a pair of booties. Will show pics when everything is all sewn up and ready to go. I am still trying to figure out what to use for a closure on the kimono, I do not want to use ribbon. I was thinking maybe doing some I-cord ties or a braid or maybe just getting some snaps to sew on. Hmmm, decisions, decisions.

I can tell you exactly what this look means:

"Mom, this is all fine and dandy...But where the heck is my kitty bed you keep promising?"

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Carol Ann said...

Lovely blanket! Makes my wish I knew someone who was preggers, so I could make it for them. BTW, all FOs receive a "cat scan" at my house, too.