Sunday, August 20, 2006

FO: Tempting II


I actually finished this a while ago. But I have been too lazy, err, I mean to busy to post it.
I did this as part of a knit-along for the sexy knitter's club. The pattern is Tempting II from designed by Jenna Adorno.

I used the recommended yarn, Rowan Calmer in the Tinkerbell colorway. ( Tinkerbell, ha, it still makes me giggle.)
It's not horrible, but it looks nothing at all like I had envisioned.
First off, the yarn is weird! It is very stretchy and a little tricky to figure out how to knit with. Although my gauge was correct, the ribbing seems larger for my sweater then the pattern model's.
It fits way larger then it should. I made it to my bust size and I feel like I am swimming in it.
All 1x1 ribbing for 15" makes me a dull girl.
I had a cute little buckle all ready to put on, but it ripped up my knitting something awful, hence the buttons and the "not-so-perfect" neckline.

On the plus side it is amazingly soft and soooo comfortable!
If I was to ever do this pattern again, I would put in some shaping, snug up the neckline a bit more, and keep a case of good wine handy for the endless ribbing hell. =)

The only thing for me to do now is decide if I like the buttons better on the front or the back!

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