Monday, December 01, 2008

SP13 Question #1

Since we've just had Thanksgiving here in the US, I'm wondering what everyone is most thankful for this year. You don't have to be in the US or even celebrate Thanksgiving to answer. Just share with us! :-)

This is gonna get serious. =)

The thing I am most thankful for this year is my life.

I posted about this already skimming over the details, but in late August I was in a bad car accident. I was sitting on the middle bump of a pick up truck, with no seat belt on...stupid, I know..and we hit a tree going sixty miles an hour.

I was pretty messed up. I still have not been able to return to work due to my injuries. Hopefully that will change in the next week, I have my fingers crossed.

According to the Doctor's and the police, I am damn lucky to be alive. At that speed, with no seat belt, I should have gone through the wind shield.

I don't remember much at all. My first memory is waking up in the hospital having no idea what happened, and hurting like hell.

Life is a precious thing. I am so thankful that I am still here.

Other things I am thankful for that run close seconds with the above:

1) The boyfriend who was already at the hospital holding my hand by the time I gained consciousness.

2) The BF's amazing family who took me into their home and helped nurse me back to health.

3) The generous friends and customers who slipped money into my wallet, and took up a collection for me at work.

4) My wonderful sister and mother, who did everything in their power (and are still doing so) to help me get all the responsible stuff figured out.

5) I am thankful for amazing books. I read the whole Twilight series in two weeks while convalescing.

6) And finally, I am so thankful for knitting. For those few weeks when I could not knit a stitch no matter how hard I tried, I thought I was going to go crazy. It really does sooth me.

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