Monday, July 10, 2006

Here Go's Somethin'

A project I thought would only take a matter of minutes actually took about 5 hours.
Why you ask?
I said earlier that I could probably do it myself, but that I was too lazy and would have the man do it.
well having the man do it means having to wait for him to take his sweet time, while you are politely nagging him, and then once he get's to the job he decides to start playing around with things.
What can I say? I love him.
But NOW... I can start posting pics, and although I would like to post a gazillion, Im going to try and restrain myself.
Today I am going to show you my WIP's. Yes thats a plural....if you are a knitter who only has one project going on at a time you are not a true knitter! And I highly envy you and please please tell me the secret!

1. Ok, this first project is the one I am doing for the Sexy Knitters Knit-Along.

The pattern is called Tempting II and I am making it out of Rowan Calmer yarn in Tinkerbell. I really like the yarn and the knitting is easy so far. So easy in fact..that I have to divert to other things.

2. The commercial break
At least thats what I call it. These are handwarmers that are on the cover of knitty for this summer..and also my first adventure into cabling. Im doing it in this crazy bright variegated.....

and since one pair is not enough I think I will make another pair with this yarn that will show all my mistakes =). Hence why the first are being done in forgiving variegated.

3. This next is one of two I HAVE to do, because my niece and a friend at work are both having babies....and I opened up my big mouth and said I would make something for them...hence, baby blanket hell.

This first one is for my coworker...terrible pics, sorry. But it is really cute, and I am enjoying working on it.

The other blanket is one I am designing as I go. I will post pics of that soon.

I think I have learned about a 1000 new things today.
My blog may not be perfect yet, but I am darn well on my way to getting it just right!

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