Monday, January 12, 2009

Something Else to Keep Me Busy

So I was wasting time on Ravelry today and discovered a group called 52 books in 52 weeks.
I think the title explains it all so I will not be redundant.
Anyway, I thought about how one of my goals for 2009 was to read more books, and then I found out you could include audio books, so I joined up.
I used to read A LOT. But lately knitting and other endeavors have cut into that time. The only way I get as many books in as I do is by listening to audio books while I knit. But I miss the actual printed pages.
I am sure I can do this. I remember reading over 100 books during my 3rd grade year so I could get a free book. =) My teacher had a deal where for x amount of books you read and did a little write up on, you got a new book from the cupboard. And she had all the good books.

So I put a little linky-dink on the sidebar if anyone wants to see what I am reading/listening too. I just linked over to my Amazon wish list, I couldn't figure out a better way to do it. If anyone has a better option, please let me know.

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Anonymous said...

I remember a little girl who at 5 read 100 books during the summer and won a library contest and also one at a book store for reading the most pages without a mistake of the jabberwocky.(I think she was 7) I probably didn't spell it right. she was not able to get into her bed without moving many books to make room. Yep its mom telling on you. love you and am glad you still enjoy reading.