Wednesday, January 07, 2009

What took me so long?

This is embarrassing.

I started this shawl in September of 2007 thinking I would have it done for that years Halloween.

HaHaHa! As if!

I got as far as the last 20 rows and then left in sitting on my coffee table for almost a year. No lie. I live by myself so I can get away with things like that. I had big plans to keep working on it, even made up a schedule a few times...but still it sat.

Finally, in September of 2008, I picked the sucker back up again. And I realized then why my poor shawl had languished for so long. I forgot that it took almost an hour to complete a row, and there was patterning on both sides of the work. That's a lot of P2togtbl, let me tell you. But I hunkered down and had a few crazy knitting sessions with it, and finally it was finished.

Finished and blocked in plenty of time for Halloween. So why did it take me so long to blog about it?

Oh well, without further ado, I present to you Dracula's Bride:

There are sparkly orange beads throughout the shawl, I am not sure if you can see them. Maybe if you click for bigger you can see them.
Yes my house was a mess that day. It was the weekend and we were enjoying our new TV and Xbox, plus I was still recuperating from my accident. =)

Here is a sneak-peak of my main squeeze. What do you think mama? =)

And no I did not have to force him to do this, he practically begged me to be the model for the shawl.

I have a few more 2008 FO's to show you. One needs to blocked, one needs ends woven in, and one needs a few snaps and a little finishing work.


visionsister said...

Lovely! Nice to see you back in the world. Take care!


Anonymous said...

the shawl is beautiful.what I think of your model? hmmm well he does have guts and must be a good sport.physical appearance, well the flip side would get you more comments. I'll wait and reserve mine, so far so good.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad to hear you are back to blogging...and showing your knitting!