Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Good Karma

About two weeks ago I received a lovely little package from Kim, my SP13 spoilee (spoiley?). What a sweetheart she is.
Her package contains the first things we have received for the baby:

A sweet little bib and matching cloth, and the cutest green washcloth with lil baby footprints in it! And I love the book, I think after one glance through I had 4 projects planned.

Thank you Kim, you are awesome!

This package spurred a huge influx of baby items, I am overwhelmed by the generosity of others. We (well I literally) have been given an awesome electric breast pump, baby bath, bassinet, baby sling and front baby pack (don't know the real name). One of those baby beds that go on the bed with you, a portable changing bed..WOW! And that is not to mention all the beautiful clothes and toys. Plus, there is a baby swing possibly coming our way.
And I have not even had a shower yet!!!

I can not express everything I feel. Too be honest, things have been really tight financially for us. I have not worked since August, and in this economy being pregnant finding a serving job is pretty much impossible. I am receiving unemployment but it's a ridiculously small amount. So Poor Adam has really taken the brunt of it all.

It's a damper for even the most positive person (which I am not, lol.). And I have been really worried about how we would afford all the things we need for the baby. It has been hard enough to put food on the table, let alone come up with money for a breast pump, etc. We have not really shared our worries with anyone (except my mom, hi mom!), it's not like we expect others to take care of us.

So when friends and family gave us all of this beautiful stuff it was just...amazing. I am speechless, how do I even begin to thank them and let them know how much their love and generosity means to me?

So yes, some things are rough for us right now, but I feel so blessed. I am more happy then I think one person should be allowed.


Anonymous said...

I'd wait until the first breast pump use before calling it "awesome."

(Long time ago for me, but the memories remain. . . !)

Mamma said...

Congrats on your little one, such an exciting and fearful time. I just discovered your blog, but it looks like you deserve a bit of good karma. Congrats.

ps baby knitting is THE BEST!