Wednesday, April 08, 2009

oh the way...

Two weeks ago at our Doctor's appointment we found out we are having a GIRL!

And isn't that just the neatest ultra-sound picture you have ever seen? We also have a DVD we record all the ultra-sounds on. Pretty darn cool.

We are 22 weeks and counting tomorrow, (HOLY CRAP!!! that is more then half-way!). I already think she is just the most beautiful thing I have ever seen (and here I promised myself I wouldn't be one of "those" mothers, lol).

And daddy, yeah he is already wrapped around her tiny little pinky. And here I was concerned he would be disappointed if we had a girl. Nope, not at all. Although he does think he is going to raise a little tomboy who loves football, NASCAR, plays softball and wants nothing to do with boys until she is forty. Although, he says Barbies are OK. lol.

I can't wait 'til I catch him playing "dress up tea party" with her. I know it's going to happen, and I will be darned sure I am armed with a camera.

And crazy enough, we are about 95% sure on a name. I mentioned my two favorites, and he loved them both. So unless something else really floors us, or unless our little miss has different plans for her name (it happens, I picked mine). We are thinking of Lillian Makenna Martin, it just seems to fit somehow.


KSD said...

You're so fortunate to have that clear an ultrasound. Oh, and the sounds. . . Oh I would LOVE to have one of those!!!!!!

Tell Daddy girls can love NASCAR and football AND Barbies. (*emphatically pointing at self*)

Anonymous said...

she's already a cutie. Great genes. how greeat to have this picture (ultra sound) We know she is love by many already. I hope she likes dolls as much as her grandma.