Saturday, October 14, 2006


Yup today is my mother's birthday. I am sure she would not appreciate me telling all of blog land her age..So I will withhold that information. Let's just say she's a rockin' party animal and I sometimes have a hard time keeping up with her! Party on mom! I'm gonna celebrate your birthday in style! McDonald's, knitting, and hanging out with my niece (Heather). Heck ya!

In other news (aka knitting) I wrote yesterday that I was planning on starting a new pair of socks with this lovely yarn.

Well I did,

And this is the result. Pretty no? The only thing is, it's way too big. The size 1's called for are meant for a much tighter knitter then me....So I swatched with zeroes....No dice.
So then I HAD To go to my favorite LYS (Cultured Pearls) and buy some smaller needles. I got gauge...On 000, that's triple lot folks! You know what I have to say to that? BRING IT!
And then, I saw this,

Yup that's more Claudia, in the Caribbean Blue colorway...And it just seemed so right for the pattern..........So...........I bought it. And I am now going to do the Elfine socks in this colorway..I think it goes better with the "elf" theme, and I just LOVE IT!

Don't worry about Oops though, she's going back in the stash for now...But I got plans for her. =)


Mara said...

Hey Melanie, I met you at Cultured Purls on Sat. I like your blog! I am so glad that you liked the sock yarn and will check back to see your progress. The link to my blog is below. I am a very bad blogger right now.........
Anyway, it was nice to chat with you - keep in touch!

gay said...

love both yarns and thanks for the comment on the not so shrunken, i know you'll love it too!

CanarySanctuary said...

Such pretty yarn! I wish I hadn't made a personal anti-sock declaration (just can't go back on it now!)
Hope you post some picks of your progress on the Fair Isle U-Neck :) I love seeing the colour combinations people do. Thanks for visiting my blog - yours is great too!

CanarySanctuary said...

ps: LOVE the blog name :D