Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Blogger HELL!

So for the past 45 minutes I have been trying to post an entry.
The first problem is that even though I took a bunch of pictures....they got erased somehow. Now considering that I took them minutes before, did not mess with them in anyway except to tkae the card out and put in the computer drive, it is a mystery to me how this happened.
So take 2...Get all the pics retaken..and this time they load up as usual.
OK, we are rolling again.
Now, I try to upload images...and blogger is not having it...I get the hourglass screen of hell and then the "page cannot be displayed" window of doom..twice.
I should have known I would have problems, earlier I was trying to post comments on others blogs and they got eaten as well.
Screw it, I'm gonna knit.
There will be a post as soon as blogger stops acting like an asshat.
Hope you all had a Happy Halloween, and Happy Day of the Dead (is that correct to say Happy? I'm not sure..whatev)

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