Saturday, November 04, 2006


I finally finished something that actually fits me. Something I am dang proud of. Something I would actually wear and not feel a little self-conscious about.......And it's not for me.

This is the Pure and Simple Wrap Cardi (bottom left of page)that I knitted as a sample for a LYS..Ben Franklin's.

Granted I could opt to keep it instead of getting store credit for it....But I would only get it back after the store decided not to display it anymore. Meaning I would get it back in about 6 months after it has been handled by hundreds of people and looking worse for wear. I know this because all the other samples I have knit look like rags by the time they decide to sell them.

I would rather get store credit and buy the yarn to make another. I think I would like it better in a plain color...A dark red or midnight blue perhaps.

It is a great pattern, for those of you thinking about knitting this, (and I have read a number of people who are interested) I say go for it.

It's a top down cardi, there is absolutely no seaming! In fact the only finishing I had was weaving in a few ends. It's pretty mindless as well....Just a lot of stockinette with some garter ridge borders.

And it's also fast to knit up. I started it on Oct. 7th and finished on Nov. 3rd..And that's while I was working on many other projects (i.e. socks, blanket, pink monstrosity, and a scarf).

I did knit this smaller then my actual size....Go figure. I guess I know now that if I want something more fitted...I need to go down a size or 2. If I make this again I might possibly go up a size since the tie can adjust the fit...It is a little snug, but not by much.

I may make another of these...But I have been eying Ivy for some time now..And when I am ready to do a top down sweater that will probably be the one I do. Life is too short to do the same pattern over again after all. =)

Coming up next....The Pink Monstrosity takes wings!

I forgot to add....the yarn is Fantasy by Dark Horse's a nylon and acrylic blend. I was surprised at how nice this yarn is ...very soft and easy to work with. Give's a nice drape as well. And pretty dang cheap I may add. 205 yards for $6.49, and it took about 5 balls. Not bad, about $37 to make this.

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Mara said...

Hey Melanie, I am going to make this sweater after all of the Christmas knitting is over! I have just fnished blocking Ivy tonight. It's a great pattern, you should totally make it!