Monday, November 06, 2006

Rain, Rain Go Away!

The weather here in Seattle is everything you would imagine it to be. Windy, rainy, and just plain nasty! Add to that Daylight Savings time which now makes it dark around here at 5 pm, and you got some cranky Seattlites.
No wonder we drink a lot of coffee and suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).
Another storm came in last night and there are flood warnings in effect, and I think that the lack of sunshine has made everyone forget how to drive.
But I can't complain too much. I'm what you call a "transplant". I moved here from Southern California. I CHOSE this! And even though I'm bitching right now, I do love it here.
Driving home today I saw people out holding signs for the election tomorrow. Whenever I see this, I get the reality that my birthday is just around the corner. And that I procrastinated too late yet again to register to vote. (I thought I was registered...But I did not receive any voter stuff...So that means I am not). Damn. Well, there is always next year...Vote well my fellow Seattlites!
Yes, Wednesday is my 30th birthday....I have been talking about this for awhile now, I know, and I am sure you and many of my RL friends would like to tell me to get over it already...Believe me, I am trying.
B is going to take me away for a few days. Sounds nice. I hope we don't fight. I'm afraid we will. I'm afraid that when I remember my 30th b-day..I will remember a disaster. But I will try, for my sake, to get along with him.
that may sound like a selfish remark. It is. This is my darn birthday after all, and it will be my memories.
So what do you do when it's dark and stormy out and your stressed, anxious, and depressed?
I don't know about you, but I poor a glass of wine and I knit.

Tonight I am going to talk about my UFO's. I got a few things on the needles..

As talked about before, I have the Elfine Sock in progress, as well as the mitered sock blanket. I am not going to post picks of them tonight because there has been very little if no progress on them since the last time I showed them.
I have let other things distract me once again.
Last night I started Sizzle. I have known for a while now that I wanted to make this, but I have been trying very hard to hold off on it until I get some of my WIP's off the needles.
I justified starting it because:
-It was one of the projects for the Sexy Knitter's Club KAL (the other being the Simple Knitted Bodice), and I wanted to have the satisfaction of getting both done for the KAL ( we will see about that, the KAL ends mid-November).
-It is supposed to be a fast knit...
-And it's my damn birthday week and I can do whatever I want! =)

I am making it out of a beautiful Forest Green Suri Merino. The pic does not give it any justice what-so-ever, It is so soft and delectable to work with on my Addi Natura's (I think that's what they are called). The pattern calls for Size 7 needles, but I got gauge on Size 4's. S so far, I am loving this knit.

Next up,

A baby blanket. I said I had a story about this.

The story goes I am finicky. I have started many a baby blanket for my niece, and have been disappointed in all of them. The reason? I saw this pattern a while back and fell in love with it, became obsessed with it, but did not know where to get it.

Then I found it, In the Debbie Macomber knit along book for the Shop on Blossom Street. I knew then I MUST knit it, it was a sign.

I am making it out of the called for yarn (Bernat Satin), and even though it is a cheap acrylic, it is quite nice to work with.

The ironic thing...Now that I am reading the pattern I realize it is just a simple basketweave design, with a smaller basketweave for the borders. I should have been able to figure this out on my own. Oh well, there are many cute patterns in this book, so I am still happy I bought it.
The baby is due sometime in January. I plan to make this and the PeaPod baby sweater/hat ensemble for the wee one (tentatively named Sophia). Right now I feel like I have tons of time...But I know January will be here before I'm expecting it. So I know I need to crank on this puppy.

Last but not least..I am really proud of this...And it is my favorite knit on the needles right now.

My Flower Basket shawl:

I am making it out of Lorna's Laces, not sure of the colorway. It is my first "real" lace project. (I did a feather and fan baby blanket out of worsted, but I don't think that counts as lace.)

I LOVE this! I wish I could work on it more, but it does require a level of concentration I don't always have time for. I can't/won't work on it while watching TV. It's a listening to a book on tape kind of knit. I do feel a deep desire to finish this, not only because I can't wait to block it...But also because I have about 6 other lace projects in wait..And I won't let myself cast on for another until this is done. (SO far my resolve has been good...But we will see if that lasts...Look how I justified Sizzle! =)

Off to the wonderfull world of knitting. Funny how much that brightens my mood! =)

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baby blankets to the rescue said...

i live by the water too (in san francisco) and when the rains start - that's when i pull out my knitting supplies. happy 30th birthday and keep knitting!