Sunday, November 05, 2006

There's a monster at the end of this blog!

OK, not really but it was a little exciting to say that. =) (Anyone know what I am talking about? It was a Golden Book I had growing up starring Grover, it was my FAVORITE!)
So first off, the rant is over for now. My mood now is to be patient for a while longer, and wait and see. What else can I do?

MMmmmmmmK. Now onto other news.

I have been talking about the "Pink Monstrosity" for awhile now. And today it is making it's appearance on my blog. This sucker is now out of my home and hanging in a yarn store where I am sure it is getting ooed and ahhhed over by someone with different taste then me.
I have to admit....It's not that horrible. I thought the fringe would just add insult to injury, but it actually made something I thought looked like pepto bismol and cotton candy regurgitated into something half way decent.
What do you think?
First off, the condor pic...

It really does look like I have wings there doesn't it?

Now the sweet, demure pose..( I always feel self conscious getting my pic taken...Especially if I don't have make-up on or my hair done, and it always seems my blog pics are when I look my worst...) I never know where to look (looking at the camera seems so phony) and I never know how to smile..LOL guess I will never be a model.

And finally, just a fun pic with a little detail of the "monster". Yes, that really is what it looks like. One of the yarns reminds me of the bubbles and suds you get in a bubble bath...Weird description, but others agreed with me on that when I showed them.
(Please disregard the overflowing stash, the dead plant, and the stacked puzzles in the background. While you are at it, disregard the stained fireplace as well) ;)

I'm sure someone is buying the yarn to make this project, and more power to them..It just is really not my deal, I am a lace shawl fan and not real crazy about fringe as the "main event" in my projects.

So what do you think? Trust me, you won't hurt my feelings!

Speaking of lace, I am off to work on my Flower Basket shawl...If I can concentrate enough to work on it...If not, it will be the baby blanket I started..Yes another one...That is a story in itself! Guess what my next post will be about?

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