Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Wake Up and Smell the Roses

Although the big day is not until tomorrow...B sent these to me at work today:

These babies are HUGE! They are the longest long stem roses I have ever seen.
I can safely say things are looking up. I'm feeling more positive about us and about the B-day.
Although the flowers are amazing and romantic in and of themselves, it was the card attached that really did it. That, however is private, and I will not be sharing his words. I am sure you understand.
Today has been a good day. Despite the fact that all my knitting today has been a fiasco.
I messed up somewhere on the Flower Basket shawl and silly me did not have a life-line in. So I have been tinking, and tinking, and tinking (that's knitting backwards by the way).
I think one more row will get me back on track.
And Sizzle? Although I did a gauge swatch and I thought I was spot on..I was a full inch off and the front was too big. So I had to rip the whole thing out..at least I was only about 5 incnes into it. The bright side is, now that I am on size 3 needles...I can do this on my Knit Picks option needles (which I love).
TaTa for now...won't be around for a few days!

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