Sunday, October 01, 2006


What you ask?
Socktoberfest people!

If I could figure out how to put buttons on my sidebar it would be there, but I am html challenged. If anyone out there in blog land can throw me a bone, please help me out =)
In the meantime, here is what I can give you...

I decided to bring this baby in right.

Yup, that's a sock in progress, Sam Adams Octoberfest beer, and could it be????

The infamous Heathen Housewife Sock Blanket! I finally started it. And boy am I having a good time with it.

I have lots of plans for this "fest". I want to try out as many different ways to make socks. I have done top down socks on 2 circs before, but nothing else.

This first pair is Wendy's formula on double points in Trekking XXL. I also want to try Magic Loop, and 2 socks at a time on 2 circs or magic loop (depending what I like more) I am sure by the end of the month I will know what my favorite method is. (I can already tell you I like the toe-up method way better.)

I also want to learn different methods of sock construction. I want to learn the magic eight toe, and figure out what a partridge heel is, and learn about other things I don't even know about yet.

I have a lot of sock yarn in my stash: I have Koigu, STR, Trekking, Lorna's Laces, some Knit Picks varieties, Regia Silk, Lana Grossa, and more that I can't remember right now. I hope to make a dent in the stash, and also find out what I like.

And no, they are not all going to be plain ribbing...Life is too short for too much of that. I plan to sink my teeth into some lovely patterns I have seen around the internet. Heck, I may even do a pair of Jaywalkers! I am such a lemming.

And OF COURSE I can't forget about the sock blankie. This babie is gonna see a lot of love from me this month. It's an addicting project. Construction is easy, and with all the fun left over yarn's it gives gratification almost instantly. I'm excited about this. I am glad socktoberfest came around, it gave me an awesome excuse to start this project..Even with all the WIP's lying around the house.

So what can you expect from me for October? SOCKS! Socks, and more socks! And sock blankies.

(Of course, you may see some other FO's and WIP's not sock related this month.)

This knitter can't live on socks alone!

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