Friday, December 29, 2006

I may be crazy.....

..But I'm not insane!

When it comes to Christmas gifts, some people go all out on the handmade stuff. And although I admire those people and think they are amazing, I don't go for that craziness.
don't' get me wrong, right after Christmas (like now) I think of how awesome it would be if I made handmade gifts for everyone on my list next year..Back when I was a x-stitcher I envisioned making Christmas stockings for everyone..That never happened. Last year I thought I would try to make scarves, hats, or socks for everyone...Nope.
The reason is I live in this fantasy world for about 2 weeks, and then I forget about it until mid-November, and then realize there is no possible way to get it all done. Trust me, I have tried.

So when mid-November crept up on me again this year..I told myself there was no way no how I was going to stress myself out this year by trying to make a gazillion presents..Again, like some people do, and do very well I might add... But then I remembered how I had promised my landlady something hand knit ages ago, and she is so sweet to us, and so helpful..And then, I walked into a LYS, and found the perfect yarn, and the perfect pattern, and well..I just couldn't help myself...

And of course, the close up shot...

This was my first finished cable project, and I did it all without a cable needle, thanks to Wendy's and Grumperina's tutorials. It was SO easy, if you have not tried cabling 'cuz you were intimidated, (like me) do yourself a favor and just DO IT already! I promise you, you can do it! It is so easy..Especially without the cable needle.

Pattern: Alchemy Lace and Cable Scarf
Yarn: 2 1/2 balls Rowan Cashsoft DK in "Ballad Blue"
Needles: size 2 (I'm a loose knitter remember?) Knit Picks Options
Started December 12th, and Finished December 23rd

Yeah, so anyways..I was working on this scarf and then I thought of my niece..And how I would like to give her something handmade...And then Knitty had to come out with their new issue...And I saw Monkey...and then this happened

I know, I know they are not finished...But she won't be back form her Holiday vacation until next week...And besides, she'll understand, she's a knitter as well.

Maybe this handmade gifting to a few select people each year is the way to go...I think I am on to something here...Or maybe that's just the "fantasy" speaking again.

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Mara said...

I just want to say that I didn't give the Monkey pattern a second look until I saw your socks. I am totally making that pattern. I would love to hear what you think of them when finished.