Sunday, December 03, 2006

To Spin or Not to Spin.....

That IS the question.

I think at some point in every (guess I should not say "every" ok most) stick and/or hook addicts life, there comes a time when they ask themselves the afore said question.

When I last blogged I told you I had a beginning drop spindle class planned.

Well, I did, And I went, and I tried to spin, and I think it was fun...But all in all I was just frustrated and a bit disappointed.

Now, before I go any further, I think it is important for you to know that I am a tad bit of a perfectionist. I am also very linear in my thinking. I also think I am a darn quick learner.
If you were to give me some yarn, some sticks, and a pattern..Let's say the most intricate, complicated thing you ever saw..It just needs to have semi-clear directions..And said "make this" I would do it. I would delve right in and go for it, and further more, enjoy every step of the process.
But if you said, "here, make up something with this yarn and don't follow a pattern", I would just fall to pieces.
I need directions, I need clear cut rules, I need concrete!

Now that you have that bit of information about me..I think those of you that spin are getting a good giggle at me right now...You will soon understand why Spinning is causing me such grief.

I have been thinking, dreaming, desiring, needing to learn how to spin for almost a year now. I have been a bit obsessive about it. And I really thought that it would just come naturally and be the best thing I have ever learned since knitting. NOPE!

Poor B has been putting up with my incessant spinning blabber for all this time, and now that he has made a lovely gift of it, I am less then thrilled with the whole deal.( I feel like a real jerk.)

The reason Im not thrilled is that spinning (decently anyway) is something that "comes" to you. It just "feels right". AAAAAAAGH!
But it's not only just learning how to draft the dang fiber, how to hold the darn spindle, and how to give the yarn enough..But not too much twist, oh no. Then you got to soak it and weight it and ply it. And God knows what else. Oh, and every fiber is different. So just cuz you got wool down pat, don't think you are going to rock out the silk blend you got on your first time.
Enough of my moaning already..Here's some pictures of my pathetic attempts. It's ok to laugh and ridicule..I know it's bad.

So this was my first attempt. This was on my own before I ever took the class.

Abso-friggin-lutely gorgeous stuff huh? You know you want it.

This next pic is the roving I got in class, and underneath my second attempt at making yarn. Oh, and my silly attempt to try to wind it and put it in a hank.

The stuff is like glue now, it wont come apart. A more experienced knitter told me she thinks this is because the yarn is trying to ply itself. Oh joy! Maybe if I soak it....

This is attempt # 3:

The stuff looks a bit better, and it's kind of fun cuz of the multi-colors..But still it is pretty horrible.

The class did teach me a few things...Like never switching your hands..And about different way's to spin (S vs. Z) and how different spindles make different yarns.

It is fun..But I just cant "get it". I cant wrap my brain around the fact that there are no real "rules" for it. That it is just a "do it your way" kind of craft.

Who knows..I hope to get together with a spinning friend after the first of the year (Hi Dawn!), maybe she will help me change my tune.

Maybe I am destined to be a wheel spinner..Yeah that's it..I need a wheel! That's my problem!

(Great idea Mel...Plunk down $300 or more on something you don't even know if you will like..And at the rate your going..You will probably hate it!)

Until then....I think I will stick to my knitting.

But maybe, just maybe..I will get a wild hair and try again.

Stranger things have been know to happen around here......

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visionsister said...

Ok, somehow I missed this post so long ago (goodbye bloglines, hello google reader!) I am totally excited about the new turkish spindle I picked up at Madrona last weekend, and the Angora/Merino fiber. I'm planning to bring my spinning to yarn yoga on Friday, so if you want to bring your stuff we can play! :-)