Monday, April 23, 2007

I am not sure about this...

For better or for worse, I finished the tunic.

I want to like it. I really, really do. And yes, I know I am finicky and that very rarely am I pleased with anything I make....I will let the pictures speak for themselves (mostly).

This first picture was taken at the mall. Notice the lighter violet ribbon..this is the only pic with that color. I don't like the way the ribbing is sagging in the middle of the back, maybe I need to re block it?

My photographer was too much of a dolt to say, "Hey, pull your under shirt down in the back, you look like you have this HUGE fat roll!" This is the best picture I got out of him. The rest were either me making stupid faces, or almost indecent pictures of my chest area. (MEN!) Hence it is the only one you will see of the violet ribbon and the merry-go-round.

So I fired my photographer, and went home to take the ever popular bathroom mirror pictures. At least this way if the pictures are horrendous there is only me to blame.

Ahhh, now these look a bit better. At least all my roles (real and imaginary) are under control.

Speaking of rolls, check out the bottom right of this picture (HA!)
And I changed the ribbon to a black velvet one ( my original choice)..and just tied it on one side. (Trust me, the cutesy little violet bows on each side were a little much)

I wish it was a bit looser in the bottom area, and a bit tighter at the top. I guess I could fix this by shortening the straps..but I am not sure how to fix it without messing up the whole thing (The straps are cabled as well)

This last picture, surprisingly, is my favorite. I don't think I look too fat, and the top seems to fit me just the way I wanted it to. I think it is how I am standing, I here this is the most flattering way to pose, and I guess I just proved it!

I did wear the top to my Knitting Guild meeting...with the violet bows and all...and I did get lots of compliments on it, but you know, they are knitters..they have to say nice things!

I just felt so self conscious walking around the mall (the meeting is held in the community room there)..I felt like everyone was staring at me and thinking to themselves, "What in the hell is she wearing? The poor girl..doesn't she know she looks like a complete idiot?" But of course, this is a normal feeling for me when I wear my handknits out in muggle public.

So from what you can see, what do you think? Honestly? Which ribbon do you like better? Do I look like an idiot? Do I look like a fat pig? Do I look like I am about 5 months pregnant? (I am not, I promise you)..although secretly sometimes I wish I was..tick tock, tick know!

I think I may wear this one, I just need to give it a little time (and buy a better bra!)


Kellie said...

thanks for the giggle Mel, I was in need of that after catcing the Little Guy spreading sunscreen over the couch and carpet *sigh*. And before you get all paranoid I ma giggling at your writing not at your photos, lol. I really like the tunic, especially with the black ribbon. Just remember, static photos always seem to show off our flaws (and men never think to tell you to pull down your undershirt - they are too busy thinking "nice arse"!!).

Lauren said...

I really do think it looks great on you! And that you need to not be so hard on yourself :) I think the black ribbon is better too - it really is a good-looking top.

brooke said...

Beautiful- beautiful!! I think that has to be one of the prettiest handknit tops I've seen lately! You had me cracking up about wearing it out in public- I'm the same way :) Is that why us knitters give most of our stuff away? Hmmm...I'll have to ponder that one...Thanks for sending in your photos and for the nice comments about the KAL. It's been fun!

Jean said...

The black ribbon is better, definitely. It gives the top a little edginess. The violet ribbon was veering off into cutesy land. I fell in love with this pattern when you linked to it a few days ago. I must admit, though, the only reason I didn't buy the pattern right then and there was because I am suspicious of empire waist tops. Sometimes they can be flattering, other times, not so much. That's also why I really wanted to see your modeling shots. And now that I have...I think you DID get a flattering fit. So there! You look totally cute in the bathroom mirror pics, especially the last two.

Don't worry about the sagging ribbing at the back. It's not a big problem and I don't know how much you could really fix it at this point, anyway. The lacy top is beautiful knitting AND it's hugging your boobal area just right - not too tight, not too loose. The rest of the sweater is perfectly skimming over your figure. If it were looser, you might look preggers and if it were tighter, it would just be weird. As it is, it's enhancing your shape as opposed to exposing or obscuring it.

Wear that tunic proud, girl.

visionsister said...

I really like the way the black ribbon looks. I thought it would get lost in the dark purple, but it really makes the whole thing pop.

Anonymous said...

Mel, I like the black ribbon much better than the light purple you had at the meeting.

I think I would wear the tunic with a lighter T under neath (both in color and fabric). I also think a scoop neck or ideally square neck would work better than a V Neck T. Maybe even flowy sleeves would be better than a T...filmy and floaty to contrast with the tighter form fitting tunic. Yeah, I think that's the way I'd go. The filmy, floaty silky shirt is the way I would go!

Stefaneener said...

That is pretty funny. Black ribbon, yes. And a better bra is probably something all of us could use these days. . . The lace bodice is really flattering and very pretty.

Anonymous said...

i love it . You look totally cute in it. I wish I had such a cute shape to show off my knits. you do beautiful work and it a joy to read your blog. the flowers are pretty. nice guy sounds like a keeper.

Miss Scarlett said...

Your tunic looks so incredible! Lovely, lovely job. Wow. Seriously - it is really flattering too. The fit, the colour - the black ribbon is perfect I think.
Isn't it weird to wear your own handknit in public? I remember feeling like everyone was looking and knowing - it is this weird hyper alert kind of feeling.
If they knew it was handknit they would have been wowed!

ck said...

I think it's super cute. Makes me want to knit it :)