Saturday, April 07, 2007

Not My Bag Baby!

So I bet you all are wondering what yarn I chose for Round 3 of Sock Madness.
The overall consensus was to use the Yarn Pirate.
And I thought about it. I really, really did.
In fact, I grabbed all the yarns and reswatched with all of them..and I just was not happy with any of my choices.
So I dove back into the stash and grabbed some Trekking XXL. I have that in droves. I grabbed color # 106, swatched, and decided it was the chosen one.

All that stress, for this:

Now, far be it for me to pass judgement. I have never designed a pattern, and we all have different tastes...variety is the spice of life after all..but the last time I wore socks like this I was in grade school.

Ok, Ok, maybe it was Junior High. I do recall a time when white cuff socks with lace trim were all the rage to wear with high heels. Usually with white tights...and the legwarmers were optional. It was the 80's people, we all did it..don't lie!

But those days are over for me.

It was really hard to get through this round. I just did not enjoy the knitting at all. What you don't see is underneath the cuff there is 35 rows of 2x2 ribbing...ugh!

My "real life" friends (who shall remain nameless) took one look at the pattern and decided to drop out of the competition..I can't say I blame them..but that also made it a little hard to persevere.

Oh, and don't forget I was competing against someone I really did not want to knock out of the competition...

Many people like the socks..and I think that is great. This is just my opinion. And I am sure stuff I like other people would find hideous/gross/ridiculous. For example, my love of dipping my french fies into my shakes. (Yum! You really should try it!)

I also must say that part of the fault is the yarn I chose. I could not get more "5 year old wearing her new Easter socks" if I tried.



Denise said...

OH MY GOD!!!! I've finally found someone else that understands my love of french fries with ice cream/milk shakes! Your real life friends are participating in the "losers bracket" competition against each other. Right now I'm ahead! =P
Good job on the socks, though.

Lauren said...

Yeah, those socks aren't my bag either - good thing you didn't use your good yarn! And french fries go on your burger, not in the shakes - lol.

Anonymous said...

I's excited that you eat your fries with milkshakes too!! I thought I was alone in that kind of crazy.
-Your Secret Pal

Miss Scarlett said...

Ok if you eat @ Wendy's fries + frosty = DELICIOUS!
Especially if you give them a little extra salt. I am not saying it is good for you though...
I have to agree with you re:the pattern. Good for you for even finishing them. I could not do that. Is there a place you can donate them? There is probably a preteen out there who would appreciate them.

Kellie said...

oh man, I am so with you chickie!! I reckon if I hadn't mentally ruled myself out from the beginning AND I had liked the pattern that i could've taken you down - holiday or no holiday, bwahahaha. I haven't even finished one sock yet and I am so totally over it (plus a friend I have promised socks to wants hers in the Lisa Souza yarn I am using - which is totally gorgeous by the way - and there is NO WAY she will wear these socks, I don't even have to ask, lol) - off to the frog pond for me!! You did good to hold on to the YP.

Artis-Anne said...

pipiI have to agree with you I didn't like them either so was glad I was out & didn't have to waste any yarn
Good luck in the next round