Saturday, April 21, 2007

My "Little" Secret

Woohoo! I finally had a day off. And I still have a few hours to go!
It was lovely. I sat on my butt and worked on my tunic, and lo and behold:

I finished the knitting and the pieces are blocking.

I have high hopes for this project. I am a little concerned about the gauge. (As always). I knitted to gauge, even a little smaller, but the stitches still seemed a little "loose". And I really had to stretch the hell out of it to meet the blocking measurements.

I am sure it will be fine. At least, I hope so. If nothing else, I will just need to wear a dark garment underneath.

All that needs to be done now is a little seaming..and a little shopping for some ribbon to thread through the eyelets. Yeehaw!

So now, I Must get back to that store sample I should have finished weeks ago. Woops.

I took it with me last night to Ya-Yo (Yarn Yoga), which is the knitting group at the storefor which the sample is being made. (Wow, now that's a sentance!)I dutifully worked on it..even though I really wanted to finish up the tunic back. I felt bad that it was not finished yet, but the yarn manager did not give me any flack about it. She just complimented me on my work thus, it's all good.

I just better have it done before the next Ya-Yo..or I am going to lose some serious face! =) (I have nothing to feel bad about, I always get stuff made for them lickety split..and B is working on a store sample as well....and he is much more in the dog house then I am. But then again, he is making a blanket out of a furry yarn all in seed stitch..the poor man!)

So that is next up on the knitting agenda. As well as Sock Madness round 5..pattern release is this Friday. I am working that day, so I will get the pattern late..oh well. I am also still working on the mystery shawl..I am now on clue four (I will post on this soon!).

Then I hope to resume work on the Forest Path Stole, and hopefully whip out the Argosy scarf, the 2nd Jaywalker, and the My So Called Scarf that has been languishing in my bag.

I am really trying to truck through these WIP's. There is a whole lot more where these came from! But I am also trying to get my projects done for Dulaan, as well as bust out a few baby hats for Sophia. Oh, and lets not forget all the KAL's I have joined...or all the patterns waiting in line to be cast on....

Wait. Stop. Chill! Does anyone else do this?

Well, if you are still with me after all this rambling on, I guess I will reward you.

Many inquiring minds have asked where my new job is at. Until now, I have not revealed this little tid bit because I wanted to have permission first. And now, I have it.

I work at Little Knits. Have you shopped there? If not, you should. Check out those prices! And why yes! We do ship internationally.

So what are you waiting for? You know you want to browse the site, possibly even pick up a thing or two while you are there. And hey, if you do place an order..tell them Melanie sent you, k? Make me look good people! =) Who knows, maybe I will be the one to pack your order!


Miss Scarlett said...

Your tunic is blocking - that is great!
I do the same thing (I just finish less items than you do!). I have so many WiPs and projects I want to start, and patterns I dream about and KALs I've joined.
If only I could stay home and knit full time, then I think I might get to finish them all. Until then...I'll read some more blogs.
After I check out the shop of course.

Kellie said...

The tunic is looking fab Melanie, such a rich colour. I can't wait to cheer you along next weekend at Sock Madness. excited to see you work at Little Knits! I might have just received 3 skeins of Fleece Artist from the recently (and quite possibly 13 balls of Noro Silk garden some time before that...). I'm sure you'll see me soon, lol!!

Jo at Celtic Memory Yarns said...

Hey Melanie, dropped over from Ireland to appreciate Scrappy (thanks Scrappy for posing so beautifully) and to shake hands before Friday's Round 5 of Sock Madness. Don't worry, the release time means I won't get it until late Friday night here in West Cork, so we'll be pretty even on start times. Good luck. Think it will be the complex cables this time?

Agnes said...

Oh ... you work at Little Knits! I have shopped there before ... great price and great service! And Sue is always so nice.

Jean said...

The tunic looks gorgeous! I sure hope you'll show us model shots when you've got it all finished. Good luck on round 5! Remember, Jo is very speedy. Well, I'm off to check out Little Knits...

Sockergirl said...

LOL LOL..... LOL... LOL Yes, this is Graffiti MEL!!! Kick ___ in round 5, PLEASE. Missed you Friday.