Friday, April 13, 2007

Little Earthquakes.

That basically sums up my week...
If you are a fan of Tori Amos (if you are not, you should be!) then you know the song.
Basically (at least how I see it anyway)..a "Little Earthquake" shakes you up, shifts you around, pulls you out of your comfort zone, and sometimes can "rip you into pieces".
And so much has been going on behind the scenes here at chez stitchinwench. I feel like I have been ripped apart, tossed around, and then glued back together by a three year old.
Earlier this week a blogger friend lost her sweet kittie. My own professor scrappy meowsnshitz is getting on in age. I believe she is about 15 years old now. She is my baby. She has been through so much with me. And although I know someday she will leave me, I can't even begin to think about it.
So of course this week she gave B and I quite a scare. Acting out, meowing in loud and pitiful ways (she hardly ever gets vocal), and being very sluggish. She seems to be back to her old self now, but I am still keeping a close eye on her. The reality of her mortality has been very hard to face..I hope I wont have to encounter it again soon.
Work has been a fright. I don't want to go into details..but there have been a lot of changes in the past few months, and in my opinion, for the worse. I just can't wrap my mind around the decisions the owner has made. We are heading into our busy season, and I do not feel that he has set his staff up for success. His "improvements" have made every one's job three times as hard, and the customers are suffering for that.

But today my friends, a new light has been shining down upon me.
Today I got a new job.
As of now, I am going to work both the current job and the new job part time. Just so that I can get a feel for the new job, and the new job can get a feel for me.
I am extremely excited about this change. I am not sure how into detail I can get..but let's just say that I will be working with yarn. Lots and lots of yarn. In fact, the next time you place an order on line..depending on where you order..I may be the one boxing it up and shipping it to you. And..who knows..there may be some designing in my future.
(I am a little scared about this, considering I have never designed anything before. But I am also very excited..I know I can do it if I tried.)
So my friends,the little earthquakes that happen in our lives are not all bad. Sometimes we need to be torn down, so that we can rebuild and be stronger and better. And hopefully happier.

Now on to some fun news. Sock Madness round 4 starts tomorrow. I can't believe I have made it this far! I have my work cut out for me this round though. The person I am against is FAST! We have been neck and neck finishing socks thus far in the competition. And I know she is not going to be taking a vacation or working or going to a fiber festival. She is in it to win it, just like me.
The yarn specified is another variegated. The original was knitted with Claudia's Hand painted..LOVE IT! I will most likely use this yarn:

Claudia's Hand painted in the "Oops" colorway.

However, this lovely yarn has been wanting to be knit up for a while now. Please forgive my nasty rewinding..the yarn is rather fun and "spunky".
This is Socks That Rock in the Blarney Stone colorway...and considering who I am up against..I could use all the luck I can get. (heh, get it blarney stone..luck..duh!)

Of course, I will make my final decision when the pattern is released sometime between 5 am and 9 am on Saturday.

Me? Up at 5 for some silly pattern? YOU BET YOUR SWEET ARSE!


Lauren said...

Give me life, give me pain, give me myself again ~ does that prove I am a Tori Amos fan?! I hope things work out for you with your job and life, just wanted to say that I'm rooting for you, especially if it has to do with yarn :)

Kellie said...

She's just pieces of me you've never seen" - Oh how I love me some mad-as-a-meat-axe Tori!

So sorry to hear you have had a grotty week (((hugs))). Hopefully things will be looking up with the new job - sounds fab, yarn and parcels, what could be better?

And as for tomorrow - you better be up at 5am girlie, the hopes of many (well, me at least) are riding on you, no pressure though, lol!! I'm going to knit along too - I can be your pacer, to help maintain the adrenaline and the flying fingers ;o)

Sockergirl said...

I hope to wake early enough to help Kellie and you keep pace with the pack. :) Congrats on the new job prospects. Hope it is a good fit. I can't wait to hear more about it! Go knock their socks off!!!

Miss Scarlett said...

Great title!
Now knit, knit, knit. Either colourway is great - though maybe the Blarney Stone will give you a little something extra.
Can't wait to hear more about your new job. And designing - good for you!

Jean said...

Congrats on the new job. Good luck with the old job. Hugs and good wishes for your kittie. Now go knit like the wind and show round four whose boss!

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear this week has been a hard one... Perhaps the Blarney Stone might be just what you need?
Your SP

Mara said...

Good Luck with the new job. I've been keeping up with you through your blog - even thought I'm a bad reader and don't comment enough! We should get together and knit, I would love to hear all about what's going on with you.