Tuesday, January 02, 2007

A day late and a dollar short

Ok, ok maybe it is 2 days late for those of you that posted your resolutions on the 31st...And I am more then a dollar short..But that IS how the saying goes.

A lot of people out there are doing this for the upcoming year..And after much inner struggle, I have decided to join up as well.. Of course I am modifying the rules a bit otherwise I would go nuts!

After much thought, here is what I have come up with:

I am not allowed to buy any yarn in the next year with the following exceptions:

1. I can buy yarn for KAL's, but must use stash yarn first if I have it.

2. I have some yarn I have been planning on buying (from Knit Picks) and so that is exempt..The only reason it was not bought before the new year is because I did not have the budget for it. (Placed order today). The yarn I bought is for KAL's anyway, so there!

3. As above, KP will not be carrying a yarn I need for a colorwork project until March..So I am allowed to buy that yarn then.

4. I am allowed to buy yarn to complete a project. (This does not mean I can buy 10 skeins of yarn for a sweater because I had 2 skeins in my stash originally planned for a small project.)

5. I can accept gifts of yarn, gift cards, or store credit for samples made, and use those to buy yarn.

6. I can buy patterns, books, and notions. But only if needed. (No more stitch counters damn it!)

7. I can buy yarn for charity projects (Dulaan) or for a gift (promised B a handmade something this year)..But I must start THAT DAY on it!
8. I may buy sock yarn..But not to exceed enough for 2 pairs or $50 a month..Whichever option is cheaper.

IF I can do this for 3 months I can buy myself a kit not to exceed $50. I am thinking yarn for the Einstein coat or maybe a shawl kit (like the Spider Queen shawl.)

IF I can do this for 6 months I am allowed to buy a Mermaid kit..Or something else around that budget $120 or so.

IF I can do it for a year..I get all of the above plus
  • A Bohus kit (have you seen Wendy's? Just to die for!)
  • Some handmaiden Sea Silk
  • Enough Rowan Kid Silk Haze of Alchemy Haiku to make a shawl.
  • One more small thing..To be determined.

To be honest, I think I can do it for 3 months, maybe even 6 months...But a year...That is going to be VERY hard. That is why the gifts are so big..Got to have something to work towards!

As far as knitting goes my goals for that are:

Finish all my WIP's

Take on 4 projects that I am intimidated by (i.e. steeks, Shetland lace)

Get to know entrelac more intimately..Thinking Lady E. and Forest Canopy shawl.

Make more socks! (lets say 10 pair)

Make something for B..I.m thinking the Durrow sweater.

Get at least 5 things made for Dulaan.

Finish the mitered sock blanket I promised to make for charity ( I don't know about the charity thing anymore.. I really love this blanket, and I would want it to go to a good home!) If I was able to auction it for a good price I would donate the money to a great charity..I was thinking about the Harlot's.

And that is about it.

In current knitting news, the Hidcote is in it's 4th chart and has taken all precedence over all other projects..I am addicted! I will post progress pics and go into more detail about it tomorrow.

HAPPY NEW YEAR by the way!


Molly said...

Oooooooooooo, the Mermaid kit...I have coveted that for a long time but couldn't make up my mind as to what color I wanted!

Anonymous said...

I commend you on knitting from your stash. I just simply couldn't do it. I try to make resolutions that I can actually keep! I think depriving myself of chocolate (which has lasted thus far, surprisingly) would be easier than refraining from yarn purchases!

Opal said...

Knitting from your stash? Way to go! I wish you all the best. Those are really reasonable exemptions too.