Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Feelin' Lacy

After just performing some major operation on the Hidcote, I have to say I am not as jazzed about writing this as I was earlier..Oh well. Things are all better now and she is waiting patiently for me to get back to her..So let me make this entry as brief as I can.

I started the shawl late Sunday night (around 10 or so)...and I got the first repeat and part of the 2nd done before I hit the hay.
And I spent a glorious Monday sitting on my bum and knitting away for the entire day and so I was able to get through chart 3.
Back to work Tuesday..So not as much progress, but good enough. If it had not been for my screw up and then dropping stitches while tinking (cuz I did not put a lifeline in) I would be through chart 4 and well into chart 5 today..But as it stands I am about 3/4 through chart 4.

Why the hurry?

  • Well, I am a bit addicted to this project and to lace in general
  • There is a prize for the first one finished in the KAL (yarn! and pattern from Mim!)
  • I am highly competitive
  • I want that prize
  • There are others ahead of me
  • I am crazy

Need I say more?

So for the fun of it, I have been taking pictures after each chart to get an idea of how much this baby is growing.

Chart 1:

Chart 2:
Chart 3:
Yowza's this thing is getting big. I got a feeling it is going to be huge!

And of course the close up:
Can't wait to get to chart 6, that is where the next pattern comes in to play.

OK, back to work! This girl needs to get her ass in gear!


Anonymous said...

It looks beautiful so far (but then again, I'm pretty lace-obsessed myself). I love the colour. Good luck on finishing first and getting that prize!

Mara said...

You are crazy! I can't imagine doing a lace project that big! Since I quit CP we should get together and knit sometime! I hope you aren't burried in the snow right now!

Opal said...

I get just as addicted to knitting lace, which is why I haven't picked up my Hidcote yet. I'm waiting for the completion of a couple of other projects first.

Good luck on finishing first!