Saturday, January 13, 2007

I must be dreaming!

Yeah, I must be dreaming if I think I am going to be the first one to finish the Hidcote. I have been knitting non-stop on this thing, and I have just finished chart 7 (out of 10). That's some damn fine progress if you ask me. But it is not going to be enough. There is one KAL member who is already on chart 9, maybe even chart 10 by now. Jeesh, I don't know how she did it. More power to her though. Anyway, I got a few things I wanted to talk about in this post.
  • The button and KAL situation.
  • The knit from my stash thing.
  • The UFO thing
  • Hidcote progress
  • Revamping of knitting goals

So there you have a brief little outline of where I am going with this post...Did I leave anything out?

Ok, first off. I am pleased to say I finally figured out how to get the buttons on the side bar. I have not figured out how to link them, but hey it's a start right.

Yes, I know that there are a crud load of buttons on there...And there may be a few more soon. I have a few more KAL's I need to join up with.

Why do I need to join up with them you ask? Well, cuz I justified a couple of yarn purchases by saying I would be a part of the KAL for its intent (like Arianne, and Deep V Argyle Vest). The vest could work for 2..The vest along (kind of old though so not sure if it is still active) and the Colorwork Challenge.

So yes, I have somewhat cheated on my yarn diet..But I am hanging on by a thread (no pun intended.) I still think I am doing well, but I have realized that if I want to buy/knit something, I look for a KAL for it, and then decide to buy yarn for it (before checking the stash..Bad girl!). I got to nip that behavior in the bud. As soon as I find a KAL for the Combo Corset T (as seen on Knitty Gritty, designer Annie Modesitt...Love her!), I promise, I swear I will be good!

Do you believe me? What's the date today? Hey, come on, I can do it!

OK, the UFO thing. There's this great idea that I am going along with which is that you pick up a newUFO every month and work on it(and keep working on it) so at the end of the year they are completed..Or at least in active status again. Considering all the stuff I have OTN right now, I decided this was a good idea for moi. Tonight I made a game plan of what I will tackle each month, as well as my Project Spectrum and Sweater A Month projects. I think my goals are quite reasonable..And I am a bit excited about it....

Now, the Hidcote progress...I know you are all dying to see my horrible progress pics. This sucker is getting so big it is impossible to photograph! I had to order more yarn (sigh) so I can finish it...I think it may be a blanket by the time I am done..But what a blanket!

Ok, so the last pic was me finished with chart 3.

Here's after chart 4:

And chart 5:

And chart 6: (this is where the pattern changes)

And chart 7:

I am hoping to have this done by the middle of next week...We shall see.

And of course, the last thing I have to talk about are my knitting goals for January. They are as follows:

  1. Finish Hidcote (no problem)
  2. Finish Baby Blanket (baby was born on the 5th, sweet Sophia Claire)
  3. Start/Finish Peapod baby set (Sweater a Month KAL)
  4. Start working on mitered sock blankie again (UFO)

If I am able to accomplish all that, I will get a head start on my Feb. Goals...I got a lot going on in Feb...Of course I would it is the shortest month!

Oh by the way, we got some snow up here...A darn lot actually. And although my experiences with it have not been all that fine and dandy..Some people had a jolly good time.

(I especially love the easy chair in the back...A guy sat in it and posed for B. He said they were going to make a real ice chest to go along side. Sweeeeeeeeeeet.)


Anonymous said...

Your link to DIY is broken, you have too many http//'s.

The shawl is beautiful!

Lauren said...

Your Hidcote looks great! I like that you did the pics for each chart. I'm slowing down now, so you never know, you may just beat me!