Saturday, May 19, 2007

And Another One Done!

I finished the mitered shawl store sample. And man I am happy about that!

I really enjoyed the pattern and watching the colors combine, but after the 20th square, I was basically sick of looking at this. Too bad I still had 24 more squares to go!
The yarn is Plymouth Boku and the pattern is from Plymouth as well. Number 1110.
I think it is really pretty. It reminds me of tortoise shells.
This last picture here was a pain to get! But I had to have it. =)

So another one to mark on the finished list. Woohoo!


Victoria said...

that came out gorgeous and now i HAVE to learn how to do miters and modular knits...sigh see wha tyou did? enabler..... thank goodness!

Miss Scarlett said...

Well done! I can't imagine having to power through 24 more squares like that - but it was worth it in the end.

btw - your hair is really cute!

Anonymous said...

Very nicely done, it looks great.

zephii said...

Hi Melanie, beautiful job! I learned to do the miters from the last issue (November I think) of Creative Knitting, and I made up this shawl (Plymouth Pattern 1110) in a cheaper stash yarn (Red Heart Strata in Splash) because I thought I would do a dry run first to see if I liked it before I invested in the Boku Yarn. I am loving the way it is coming out. I was wondering...did you use the needle size recommended? Did you do the two rows of single crochet border (looks like one row from the picture but I really couldn't tell). And, was 10 balls of the Boku enough? I hope you can let me know! Thanks! I am also a nursing student and a tarot reader as well as a yarnster, by the way.