Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Well, It's About Time!!!!!

Man have I been bad about blogging lately! I have had an insanely busy schedule these past few weeks, and I don't see signs of it easing up any time soon.
I am trying to earn some extra cash, and so I have been picking up shifts left and right at the Cafe...and I intend to keep it up for the entire summer, or else when I drop of sheer exhaustion.
But I like being busy. I am trying really hard right now to make positive decisions in my life, and it feels really good!!! But more on that later.......

With all that I have been doing, I have managed a bit of knitting. I know I am not going to reach my goals for this month...but I put on one hell of a show didn't I? Besides, there is always June..and July..and so on...

First, an FO Fresh of the presses:

Have you seen this pattern? Have you made it? It was SO much fun to knit! And fast! I can't wait to see Sophia with this on, although it may be too big for her right now...I made the hat in the medium size because I wanted it to fit her next Winter. She lives in Southern California so I don't think they will get much wear this Summer...but she is going to be one styling baby come October!

Next, we have the Round 6 Sock Madness socks. I just finished the heel on the second sock.

Which one are you liking better? Me, I think I like the one on the right more. I really want to get these done by Thursday so I can meet my Sock A Month goal.

And, I cast on another sock. Can you guess which one it is? Go ahead, it's not that hard..just check the side bar. ;)

Oh yeah, and the Forest Path Stole? Well, I have made some progress on it...but not much. I have just been too tired lately to sit with it. It's not that it's complicated to knit, it's just that my mind imagines it is...I have Friday off, I hope to get some time with it then.

Hope you all had a great Memorial Day Weekend and enjoying the start of summer..It's been beautiful up here!


visionsister said...

Cute hat! I was beginning to wonder if you guys had fallen off the face of the earth. Unfortunately I don't think I'm going to make it to ya-yo on Friday. In between my birthday plans last weekend I actually got quite a bit of knitting in, and have spent some quality time with my spinning wheel again! Woohoo!

Leah said...

that hat is awesome! It looks alot easier and softer than the one on knitty. Any way I can get a copy?
I agree with the sock on the right. you can see the detail more when the background is lighter :)

Jean said...

You are as impressive as ever! The baby hat is darling. I think I like the right side Mad Batik better, too. The pattern shows up more. But is it maddening knitting the light squares on the chart with the dark yarn and vice versa? Hang in there with all the work. I don't know how you do it. May you find happy, relaxing knitting time somewhere in there, too.

Anonymous said...

Delicious looking hat, great looking socks! I love them both, but I slightly prefer the first one, since I'm a guy. Wonderful socks, it's cool that you decided to do the opposites. Way to knit.
Ooie Gooie

Breien in Lansingerland said...

What a cute hat! I like your socks though!

Miss Scarlett said...

It can be hard to keep up the blog when you are busy, that is for sure. Missed you and glad you are back!

Your hat is sooo cute!! I love it.

The socks are great - I love the dark one with the lighter patternwork. But I love dark, deep colours. Looks like a fun pattern to be working on - though maybe not when you are busy.

Enjoy your day off!