Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Crosswalks? We don't need no stinkin' crosswalks!

The Jaywalkers are done!

And I think they look damn good! (They better, they only took 2+months to complete!)

I am SO bringing sexy back with these socks!

Check out that sock! That is a perfect sock! I have to say, this Sock Madness thing has really helped me master the knitting of footwear! I can do a heel flap and pick up stitches like a pro I tell ya! And I absolutely love exclamation marks! Can you tell?

Alright, here are the specs:

Grumperina's terribly unpopular Jaywalker pattern

Size 000 needles..yes, that is correct, the key did not get stuck.

Yarn is Socks That Rock (again, terribly unpopular) in G-Rocks (I think).

If you couldn't tell, I absolutely love them! And even though you all thought I was crazy for using the tee-tiny needles, I must say they make a very cushy and sturdy sock. They keep the feet nice and warm as well.

After making a pair, I can totally understand why people find these addicting. I keep imagining what different yarns would look like in this pattern. If you have not tried it yet, what are you waiting for? It's easy and so much fun!

In other news:

1) The Argosy Scarf is done as well, and is blocking. And Good Riddance! It's not the pattern's fault, it was totally my doing that I ended up hating the knitting on this thing..more on that later.

2) I won another contest! What can I say, I am a sucker for a prizes. ;) This time it was for best project in the Mists of Avalon KAL..the Romantic Cable and Lace Vest aka my Mists of Avalon Tunic won! Woohoo!

3) Round 6 of Sock Madness starts this Friday, can you believe it? I am up against one of the "Terminator" knitters. I do not expect to win the round. No, I am not putting myself down...I just know that if I tried to beat this woman, I would most likely hurt something. Besides, I met my goal for this competition (winning the Wendy division), and I am darn proud of that.

I expect it to be a fun weekend though. The sock calls for 2 colors, and with the "sneak peak" we got, it has some color work involved. I am looking forward to it.

4) Pacalaga and I were chatting it up in e-mail talking about naughty drink names..and I got around to talking about how we are both in the Faina Scarf KAL..and how I had frogged my feeble attempts and was at 0 progress. She admitted she was in the same boat and asked if we wanted to help each other out by doing a progress post on it once a week..well Pacalaga, if you are reading this..I am game! (And if not, I plan on shooting you off another e-mail ;) )

Anway, my May is getting started off with a bang! I have 2 FO's and a contest win under my belt already..not to mention my Final Four Sock Madness status (yes, I will shut up about this soon, but I need to gloat for just a little understand, right?)..and my excellent excuse to get another project started!


Kellie said...

LOVE the Jaywalkers! this is on my to-o list but I'm a little afraid to start because i've read about a few sizing problems. 000's?? That's outrageously small! i have never seen needles that small here, lol. And I certainly hope you are going to fight the good fight in Round 6 - you just never know what will happen in life chickie, so limber up those fingers and get ready to kniw like the wind!

pacalaga said...

I'm game too, although I'm going to have dinner with La in August so I suggested that she and I finish and have a "group" Faina shot, so I might actually have to give Faina some real love. Either that or forget about her entirely when my yarn for Morning Glories gets here... Hurry up, Canada Post!

Emma said...

Yep, those are perfet socks. Love the color. Congratulations!

Jean said...

Congrats on your contest win! That's awesome! I think you should still knit balls to the wall on round six. You're the stitchin' Wench. No rolling over before the starting shot is even fired! (I like exclamations marks, too...tee hee hee.)

Sockergirl said...

Go get 'em in round 6!!! We are all behind you.... uhm, by about 48 hours or more.... but we are knitting with you. Nice Jaywalks! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh crap! Now I want to learn how to knit socks...
-Your SP10

Miss Scarlett said...

They look great!
Now tell me why you had to make them on 000?!?
To get gauge? Yipes. Because you were kniting with laceweight? I don't think I even own 000.
Hey lady - you could get to the next round, you never know. They are really upping the ante, colourwork! That is going to be a fun challenge.