Sunday, May 20, 2007

Close Enough.

I finished my second Dulaan item tonight. All it needs to be truly finished is a few buttons, but I am going to say it is done.

This is The Avalanche Vest Pattern from Mossy Cottage Knits.

It turned out way cuter then I thought it would. And man was this sucker a fast knit!

I think it took me about 4 hours from start to finish. Of course, it took me much longer then that because I have knitter ADD. =)

I may not make it to all my goals for this month, but no one can say I haven't tried!

(By The Way, a few people have expressed interest in knitting a few items themselves..if you are, take a look here for suggested patterns.)


Jean said...

The vest is adorable. It's so wonderful of you to be knitting for such a good cause.

Miss Scarlett said...

What a sweet little vest!
Thanks for the link too.
It always feels good to be able to do something for others.

Anonymous said...

Wow, 4 hours, you blazed on that one. Looks good, as usual. Well done, you knitter.

Debi said...

Cute vest and your mitered shawl is lovely! Any FPS action? :)

Rain said...

That's adorable and for such a good cause too.

holywall said...

i love this vest so much that it prompted me to get an account so i could leave a comment, which i have never done before. i saw the original in mustard on the linked site and started searching for others like it. i love this pattern and want to adapt it to a larger size, but i'm just starting to knit, any ideas? i love how it turned out, does it have buttons? i really want to make one! let me know if you have a way to adapt the sizing
thanks!(think of me as another good cause:)