Tuesday, May 01, 2007

For a Good Time Call..

the wench!
I can't wait to see what search results that little title is going to show me! ;p

Anyway, need a good laugh? Check out the side bar.

Over zealous? Who? Me?

OK, OK. I have to admit it does look a little daunting all written out like that..and then adding in the progress bars really hit home. I nearly had a heart attack when I saw all those 0% bars..

Yeah, I know I sucked finishing up my April goals..but hey, I AM in the FINAL FOUR for sock madness!!! (neener neener =) )

And guess what? I have a plan. Yes another one! And yes, this time it is going to work! It must!

OK, so Sock Madness is going to be over soon. Sooner rather then later hopefully. You are all sweet to think I might make it another round..heck, some of you think I could win the whole thing! But let's get serious. Two out of the three other competitors must have robotic parts. They are the ones who have a finished pair of socks in ten hours. No way am I able to do that(and more importantly, I don't want to try, that's just crazy!)
So once the madness is over I will have plenty of time for other projects. Heck, If I knit like I have for the competition for 2 weekends out of this month..I bet I could complete all my goals plus throw in a few more!

Anyway, the plan.
First off, I am thisclose to finishing the Argosy Scarf..it would be done except I had a little brain fart and when I was getting ready to cast off, I realized a HUGE MISTAKE way down in the knitting that could not be ignored..so I had to rip back. Never fear..she will hopefully be blocking tomorrow!
Then, I have the Jaywalkers..no problem. I am on the gusset decreases for the 2nd sock..with the way I have been knitting socks these should be done in the next few days.
The next course of action is to bust out that store sample (finish it already will you Mel??)..and then give some love to the So Called Scarf (which I did pick up today and knit 2 rows on..so it does count for my April UFO, so there!)
Still with me? OK. Once those babies are done..I will start on the BIG SUCCESSFUL PLAN THAT IS FOOLPROOF..foolproof I tell ya!
I gots me a knittin' schedule..don't laugh! I am serious! It gos like this:

Monday: Forest Path Stole, Baby Hat, Rusted Root*
Tuesday: Dulaan, Faina Scarf
Wednesday: Forest Path Stole, Baby Hat, Rusted Root*
Thursday: Mystery Shawl #2, Fairly Easy Fair Isle, Twisted Flower Socks**
Friday: Dulaan, Faina Scarf
Saturday: Forest Path Stole, Baby Hat, Rusted Root*
Sunday: Mystery Shawl #2, FEFI, Twisted Socks**

See? No problem..The Dulaan stuff and the Baby Hats should be quick knits. I don't have to finish Rusted Root or Faina, or the Twisted Socks. The FEFI is on large needles and should also be a fast knit..the Mystery Shawl wont take that much more to complete..and the Forest Path Stole? Well, as long as I do a tier a week I will make my goal on that as well.

And this way, I have multiple items to work on each day..and new stuff to look forward to casting on.

Totally doable (at least, that's what I am going to keep telling myself..)

I probably shouldn't mention that my first Loopy Ewe Sock Club delivery will be this month..or that there may possibly be another Mystery Shawl in the future...that may push things over the edge a bit!

*on hold for cast on until baby hats are done
**on hold for cast on until FEFI and/or Mystery Shawl #2 complete


Denise said...

.....um...ok. I think it's time for that intervention every crazed knitter is threatened with. =)

All i can say is Good Luck!

Jean said...

I love your ambition! How many jobs do you have these days? No, no, forget I asked that. You plan is totally reasonable (cough, cough). Seriously though, the first step to attaining a goal is to state said goal in a clear fashion. You've done a very good job of that. Now go knit!

pacalaga said...

Seems like a whole lotta work to me! I have been stalled out a little recently, and I must say that it's nice to knit when I feel like it, and not feel the stress. (Still gonna sign up for next time, though!)
Shall we promise to do a few rounds of Faina and post pics? Maybe one progress shot a week? Perhaps then we'll get it done without killing ourselves...
After the Hogwarts socks
and the sockpal socks
and the cardigan to go with my new dress
and the round four socks to finish...
Um, yeah.

Miss Scarlett said...

listen - I think that is a great plan! I might make one similar to that. I have been taking the hardline route with myself and I am not doing well - you know, one pattern til it's finished? You could be on to something...