Thursday, February 22, 2007

I promise,No muppets were harmed!

So a while back I was reading a post by Knit and Tonic where she was talking about doing a search for fur yarn on the Internet.

Of course, this ensued major comments on her well being, etc. But in the comments is where I learned about a little charity event that Minestrone Soup was hosting.
She had put a call out for fun fur hats to be knitted for the Boston Children's Hospital. Seems that the kids going through chemo love the fun's all the rage.
And then Erica offered to send me some fun fur she had in her stash (since I had got rid of all mine.) how could I resist?
I knew there would only be so much "fun" I could have with the fur yarn, so I put out a challenge to my guild..and had a little contest.
For each hat a person made, they got their name in a drawing to win a skein of STR.
Then, my mom was up hear visiting, and she wanted to help out, so she quickly knit up 3 of these cuties.
As of this moment, I have 11 to send off..there might be a few stragglers out there...
And here they are:

They kind of look like gumdrops don't they?

Oh, and this next picture is for me to remember my beautiful Alina STR. It's really hard letting this go, but those darn kids are worth it!

(Besides....I know where I can get more if I REALLY need it =) )

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