Saturday, February 03, 2007

I thought I had a virus!

A computer virus that is, and maybe it was, who knows?
Wow, that was scary. I don't know about you all, but I use my computer every day...reading blogs, checking e-mail..paying bills..etc.
I felt like my left arm had been cut off today...I even broke down into tears once...
I guess that would explain why I was so obsessed with the computer that I tried a million things to fix it..and fix it I did!
That would also explain why there was little knitting done today (Peapod is still not seemed!), and why there are no pictures for you to see.
But, barring any natural, technical, or physical emergencies..there WILL be pics of Peapod finished tomorrow..not until the evening though since I am working in the morning..while all you get to cozy up with beer, hot wings, nachos and knitting to watch the "big game" in your pj's..I'll be standing around in a Very Quiet Restaurant hoping someone will come in and want to be served..(this girl needs to make some money!)
But I am not jealous or anything. =) Just need to get back on the ball with school and what-not so I can be a part of the "real world" as I like to call it.
So where was I before the rant? Oh yeah, tomorrow evening there will be finished pics posted on this blog, and if you are lucky maybe some pics of WIP's as well (although there ain't much to see yet..)

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