Saturday, February 10, 2007

It's not easy being green

Yeah, Kermit sure got that right.
The color green gets a bad rap don't you think? You have the phrase "green with envy" (where did that come from anyway? Guess if I really cared I could Google it..)..and then you got the whole green M-n-M thing (I remember my sister saving these in a jar to give to her boyfriend...that slut =) )..not that getting "turned on" is a bad thing..but it's not exactly in polite taste..and then to top it off, when you are sick people say things like.."Your looking a bit green today" or as my mom would say,"green around the gills."
Poor green. What did it ever do to us?
Well I for one am taking a stand! LONG LIVE GREEN I say. I'm gonna rock the green as much as possible.
It started with my blog, and then the Forest Path Stole, and now? Well now it's going to represented in my new project for the Faina Scarf KAL.
Check this out:

Isn't that sexy? That hot yarn comes from Joslyn's Fiber Farm and is called Shine. It is a 50% silk and 50% wool sport weight yarn..and I got 1250 yards of it.

It's so wickedly sick (that means divine in teen) I think I may have to unwind it and roll around in it for awhile.

I know your jealous..but there is more if you want it.

(Jealous, sexy, sick..maybe there is something to this green thing after all!)

Oh, and by the way..even with the mom here I have done some knitting. Most of it has been knitting and ripping out a new sock (my gauge is always too loose!) but I did manage to finish the first monkey sock and start the second.

B loves these socks..He wants them for himself..lace pattern and all. He insists it's a "manly lace". LOL. That man has no problem with his masculinity..well mostly, he wont wear pink. =) Too bad for him these are designated for my niece..I need to finish them right quick because she's moving to Canada at the end of the month. (SOB!)

Oh yeah, and after about 30 thousand try's, I think I finally found the right yarn and needle size for my Pirate Hat. We shall see when it gets bigger if it is going to fit....
That's it for now..I guess since it is already 1 in the afternoon I should go take a shower and get dressed huh?

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