Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Tinkin' the day away..

Yeah, you heard me.

After finishing Wicked..(oh yeah she's done..and I love her! There will be pictures as soon as B gets home to take them. =) ). Where was I? Yeah. So after finishing Wicked, my sanity has been restored. I gained the courage to pick up the Forest Path Stole and rip out the triangle that went bad.
I am happy to report that FPS is now out of time out. After e-mailing with the designer, I have now got clear instructions on how to continue in the pattern. There is nothing to see as of yet. I have only tinked out the mistakes. It feels good to know that she is ready for action though!

But that is not the only thing that needs tinking. As listed on my sidebar I have been working on the Mystery Shawl (a Group from Goddess Knits.) Basically every week you get a new clue..totalling 5 clues. I got in on the action late..and so I am only starting clue 3, even though all the clues are out and many people have finished. So it's not really a mystery anymore..but I digress.
Anyway..I have been wanting to get some progress done on this because the new Mystery will be starting soon..and of course I am going to join..but I feel that I should have this one done before starting a new one.
So last night I got busy finishing the 2ND clue, and moved on to the 3rd, and quickly realized that I was 3 stitches short. I guess having 2 beers did not help matters any.
So I have tinked back 2 rows..and I am still coming up 1 short. I think I missed a yarn over somewhere..so that means tinking 2 more rows. Don't worry, I am OK. Believe it or not, all this tinking has been therapeutic.
Think about it, how often in life can you tink back a mistake you made? Never. You just have to learn from it and move on. Hopefully.
Wow. I'm like smart and stuff.

So here is the sum up of things. The mystery shawl is getting tinked. The FPS is back in action. Wicked is done. The Pirate hat is getting some love. And I started a pair of Jaywalkers. What? Did I forget to mention that?

And the one thing I am itching to work on? My Faina scarf..but I feel I need to finish up a few things first.

Oh crud..and March is a day away...that means new goals! And Sock Madness starts March 10Th.

Thank goodness I took the night off from work!

(Stay tuned..there will hopefully be a post on Wicked sometime this evening.)

P.S. Have you ever seen the word "tinked" used this much in one post? LOL!

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