Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Breakin' The Law

Although "Jaywalker Craze of 2005" is done and gone, the pattern seems to just keep growing in popularity.
About a week ago Grumperina announced that over 500 had been made (and that is only the ones that she knows about.) Wow!
So of course, I had to find out what all the fuss was about.

No, those are not holes you see there..I am not sure what it is..probably light reflecting off something..yada yada. I never did understand physics.

What we wont do for pictures! This is my foot propped up on the fridge. I was trying to get a good picture of the sock without showing off my very white, very hairy legs. Hey it's still March, talk to me in April..maybe I will have shaved them by then. =)

Anyway, I am really liking the way these are knitting up. The pattern is fun and easy. And what it does for the yarn? YUM!

There is only a slight amount of pooling in the foot. And I think that is a result of only doing the patterning on the top of the foot,while the bottom is in stockinette. But hey, I can deal with that.

These are somewhat slow going because I keep getting interrupted by other things..like store samples, sock madness, Dulaan knitting, Forest Path Stole, etc.etc...but I am loving every minute of it.

I very rarely do a project more then once, but I am already thinking about other yarns in my stash that would look great in this pattern. People say Jaywalker's are addicting. I can understand why.

Oh BTW. These are the socks done on the 000's and they are being done with Socks That Rock lightweight..I misplaced the yarn band so I don't remember the color. I hate when I do that! Hopefully a little cleaning will help me find it. If anyone knows the color, give a shout out OK?

Oh and if anyone is wondering where to get the pattern..here it is:

http://magknits.com/Sept05/patterns/jaywalker.htm There is also a variation for toe-up, larger sizes, and baby Jay's on Grumperina's blog as well.

Until next time...


visionsister said...

After a quick peek at the bluemoon site, I'm going with January One for that color. :-)

Miss Scarlett said...

Looks great! Hey I have a question for you - did your stitches always line up when you were doing the k f/b and dd thing? Cause mine aren't and from the looks of completed socks there seems to be a pretty strong line visible.
I have only done 3 repeats of the 2 line pattern right now. I might have to frog anyways because it is looking biiiiiig and loose at the cuff - might need to go down a needle size or so.
I appreciate your help - your Jaywalkers look awesome.
And yeah, if we didn't take our Kinder group swimming I would have the same March legs as you!

Jean said...

Damn, girl! Size 000's??!?? That's your slow going, right there. They do look nice, though.

Lauren said...

I was going to say size 000 is nuts, but I bet it makes for a great sock - looks great!