Wednesday, March 28, 2007

It ain't much, but it's somethn'.

Remember this picture?

That would be my progress on the Forest Path Stole as of 2 weeks ago. But now..look at this!

Big difference don't you think?

What? You can't see it? Here is a close-up shot of all the progress I have made:

That would be 2 full rectangles, A triangle and a partial rectangle in action.
I know you are gob-smacked.
At this rate I should have this done in time for my 40th birthday...And 10 years might be pushing it.
So, remember about a week ago when I said I had a plan for my WIP's? Well the plan go's something like this...concentrate on one big project, and one small one, before moving on to another project..Amazing concept don't you think?
But anyone that knows me knows that I can't do it. But I am going to try.
How about this..for every three projects I finish (as of now), I get to cast on a new project. I still must do my UFO per month, and a Sweater per Month..but that will be added into the afore-mention plan.
The only exclusion to this rule is Sock Madness, and store samples.
I think that is do-able.
I shall now go organize my sidebar into priority of projects.
I'm weird, I know. You don't have to tell me, I am well aware of that fact. =)


Kellie said...

Definitely looks like progress to me ;o) And don't beat yourself up - it's not that you're not focused or disciplined, it's just that you like to spread the yarny love around. But I admire your willingness to try, lmao!!

Jean said...

That is a gorgeous color for your forest path stole! It's a good plan. Good for you for stating The Plan. If you don't identify a goal, you'd never be able to know if you achieved it, right?