Thursday, March 15, 2007

Still Waiting...

All that craziness of last weekend with the sock knitting. I finished is now Thursday, and we are still waiting for 2 more people in my division to finish.
Don't get me wrong, I am not picking on anybody. My division is the "novice" division after all. And even though I may be considered a novice by the amount of socks I have completed..the ones I have made thus far have made me quite experienced.
I have done both cuff down and toe up socks. I knit lace, I understand cables, I know how to read charts. I have done color work. etc. etc.
And I get that many of my team-mates/competitors are brand new to the joy of socks. I am cheering them on whole heartedly....

It's just hard to be patient when this is staring at you:

Begging to be knit.

I know they will all get there day..but well..the wait is hard.

So go, go, go my fellow novices! Turn those heels, do that extra repeat, kitchener those toes..(or if you are doing them toe up) bind off that cuff!

At least I have a few things to distract me (see side bar)..but they are not keeping my attention. My heart is all about the madness right now.

I even started a new project..I know, I try and get some excitement around's OK, but I feel guilty about all the other stuff OTN's. And to be honest, I am having a really hard time concentrating on anything. All I can do is sit for small periods of time with one project or another, before I get up to check the stats of the competition once again.

It's official, Sock Madness really does cause least for this knitter.


Anonymous said...

I can't even imagine the madness!! I desperately want to learn how to knit socks, but something is telling me to stay away for awhile.... probably the sane part of my brain.

Kellie said...

I know what you mean Melanie! I have finished up my sock in progress and am dying to get stuck into some of the yummy yarns I have been frantically collecting - it is torture to hold off, lol. Good luck for Thursday!