Monday, March 19, 2007

I'm a sucker for store samples.

So I went to Yarn Yoga (the cool kids call it Ya Yo) last Friday. When I got there I saw a table full of yummy yarns and cool patterns that needed to be knit for the store. Not only do I get the joy of knitting with these awesome new yarns..I also get store credit for them.
So even though I have more then enough on my knitting plate, I couldn't resist. It's mitered squares for God's sakes...the ones that you attach as you go..and they yarn was so cool I just had to snatch it up!

See for yourself:

The yarn is Plymouth Boku. It's 95% wool, and 5% silk. It is very similar to the Noro I love so much, but at a fraction of the price. ($6.99 for 99 yards).

( Wow, that is a much darker picture then I thought it was. Sorry about for big.)

I really like working with it..But I have to say that I still love Noro more. The colors in the Boku are much more subtle. And I am anything but subtle. =)

Still, I think this is going to be quite spectacular when it is all done.

Six squares down, Thirty eight more to go!

This is going to be my #1 knitting project for now, along with the Sock Madness craziness.

Trust me, I know I need to get a handle on the projects, (I have not even begun to talk about that new project I started last week...), But, I think I have a plan.

Famous last words.


Miss Scarlett said...

how cool is that pattern? That is great to get store credit while you are playing with yarn! What a concept.
I could never do that though, I knit way, way, way too slowly. Or...maybe I just can't commit to one project!

Opal said...

Wow! It looks great so far. I can see why you were tempted. :-)