Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Locked And Loaded!

I got the coke. I got the candy. I got the ready-made food.
I got Ice cream (Neapolitan sandwiches and slow-churned yellow cake batter).
I got beer.
Was going to buy myself some "incontinence pads" (Depends)..but I thought that might be going a little too far....=)
Hey that astronaut lady did it!
Oh man, did I just say that? Sorry all, I don't mean to offend!

I got the yarn wound and ready to go..and I swatched. Holy moly! I got gauge on the recommended needle size..well, there is a first time for everything!

The yarn is Lorna's Laces in Camelot. Exclusive to Angelika's Yarn Store..(this place is great!) But as I have already said on reminds me of Snickers..damn..I forgot to pick some of those know I am going to crave them!

But the most important thing I did to prepare?

I stocked up on the drugs.

Round two of sock madness begins tomorrow. I am competing against a woman in Japan! How cool is that?

As B just said, "East vs. West..It's a battle to the death". That's a little dramatic don't you think? Oh, he just amended his statement, it is now "A battle to the cuff/toe."

My competitor has had some issues getting her yarn for this round..I feel kind of bad, like I should wait until she gets her yarn so it's a fair fight..

But, then again..we were all given the supply list weeks ago..and they say all is fair in love and war... (she did order her yarn, but the post people screwed up and she never got suckage there!)

I have so much to talk about. But I am going to save them for later posts. Got to make you come back for something!

BTW, Debbie, if you get this far..I am still working on FPS. Slowly but surely....the madness and store sample has caused a bit of a glitch in my progress..but I still love it!


Debi said...

Funny, seeing my "message" at the end of this post! I haven't touched mine either so don't feel bad. I LOVE that sock yarn btw! :)

Miss Scarlett said...

Ha! That lady is never going to live the Depends down. It is the detail most people focus on.

Good for you - your at the 2nd round!! That is a shame about your competitor.

I love the colour you are using - and it does look like Snickers now that you mention it.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see them completed!!!

Kellie said...

ok, I feel better now! i am sitting here with chocolate, tea, a bottle of water, my favourite knitting hand cream, and two dvds to watch - er, addicted much??
Good luck!!

Jean said...

Darn, I should have read this post earlier. If I'd considered Depends maybe I'd be going on to compete in round 3. You got dedication, honey! And yes, that yarn is totally snickers!