Wednesday, March 07, 2007

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

I don't know who said that, but whoever it is must have been a crafter. Because who else could understand that quote better then us?
About a week ago I said that I took the Forest Path Stole out of time out, and then left you at that. But this week I feel I have enough progress to justify some pictures. I do love the pictures people, even if I am not the greatest at it... like some people.

So first we have a full view shot being modeled a la couch..

Yes, I finally got through those darn blasted triangles that were giving me so much grief..and I even got one each of the lace panels done.

Here we have the Birch Leaf lace:

I noticed another mistake in the chart for the birch leaves. The final right side row should be a slip 1 with yarn forward, k9, sl1 k2tog pass sl st over, k6, k2tog, k1 and then ssk last stitch of row with the 1st st of unit (if you have this pattern that should make sense.) This is for the odd numbered tiers..the even will probably be a little different.

And here is the Lily of the Valley:

Yes, this is the pattern that has the nupps that so many knitters dread. But in all honesty, I think they are fun. The trick is to do the yo and ktbl part very loosely, and then when you come back on the wrong side it is a lot easier to do the purl 5 tog (just make sure you got 5 loops..and not the yo's that are on either side of the nupp.) Again, if you are doing the pattern, that should make sense.

And finally, here we have the Fern lace pattern:

This pattern is super easy. I really don't have much to say about this one.

(The hands in the pictures are B' it just me that thinks it is kind of sexy to see masculine hands with the delicate lace?) OK, maybe I am weird.. I'll shut up about that. =)

So what do I think about this pattern now that I have picked it back up?


I have to admit the mistakes in the pattern still have me a little peeved..(I forgot to mention the k3tog symbol that never made it into the chart's in the charts, just not in the key..where is Sherlock when you need him?)..but now I think all the mistakes have been found and dealt with..and I have to say I am enjoying myself.

I like that each lace section is 20 stitches (more or less) and 40 rows. They get done pretty quickly, and then you move on to something breaks up the monotony a bit.

Keep in mind that I am not even finished with tier 1 yet, check back when I am on tier 18 (there are 23 tiers in all..and 103 lace panels..jeesh!)

But right now, I am addicted to my FPS. I wish I could work on it solely, but I have been trying to finish other projects (FO Tomorrow!)..and guess what is starting Saturday?

Sock Madness!

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Miss Scarlett said...

Super easy? Well, it looks complicated to me!
Beautiful work.