Friday, March 09, 2007

Excited? Who me?

Not at all.
Just because Sock Madness starts tomorrow, and I have been looking forward to it since November, is no reason for me to act like a kid waiting for Christmas.

It's not like I have yarn for ALL 7 patterns lined up and ready to go..or that I have had that done for over two weeks. Nope, not me.

Err, well. OK. Maybe I did..but it's not like I ordered more yarn (Apple Laine and J Knits) from The Loopy Ewe just in case I was not happy with my solid color choices. (The Regia and Frog Tree.) Nope, not me. I am the queen of self-control.

Wait..I think I just heard the Mailman........

False Alarm. OK where was I? Oh yeah. I am the queen of self-control.

Alright FINE! I did order more yarn from The Loopy Ewe. And I have had the yarn selected for over 2 weeks, and I am acting like a child who can't wait for Christmas.

And you know what? It feels great!

So the yarns you see above are

At top:STR (the wound stuff)..not sure of colorway, I need to dive for the label..and Yarn Pirate in Sonoma. I am still not sure which one is going to make it into the competition. The STR is ready to go..but that Yarn Pirate is screaming at me!

On the Far Right: Schaefer Anne in The Strawberry Fields Colorway. This is stuff is HOT! And I have a whopping 560 yards of it. I can't wait to see the pattern designated for this yarn.

Next the the Schaefer Anne: Lorna's Laces (of course!) sport. In the Camelot colorway. I could not resist considering I am also a member of the Knitters of Avalon KAL.

In the middle: The blue is Regia Silk, and the red is Frog Tree Alpaca. These 2 will most likely be replaced by the last minute yarn purchased guessed it..The Loopy Ewe!

And finally on the far left: 4 skeins of Crystal Palace Panda Cotton. There has been some buzz about this yarn..and now that I have some and have swatched with it, I can understand why.

It's soft and springy and the price is definitely right. Plus the cute little skeins are adorable. Everything about this yarn says "happy" to me.

And that is why I am so happy that my first socks will be done with this yarn.

I am thinking the green combo: (Fern and Sprite Green).

But if these colors are not contrasting enough for the first pattern..then they will be saved for a later pattern. (We know there are 2 patterns calling for a skein each of solid and variegated.)

So here is my back flash because that yellow is hard to photograph!

The colors are yellow (duh) and college prep.

Plans for today:

Get yarn and needles set for the 300th time.

Set coffee maker to go off around 6 in the morning (pattern e-mails around that time.) What can I say? I am hard core!

Work on FPS and Jaywalkers

Set up my Books on CD.. I have One for the Money, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, and The Secret Garden all set to go,and I am currently listening to A Confederacy Of Dunces.

Read some Myst's of Avalon

Get ready for my hot date with B tonight. Dinner at a new restaurant, and a play.We are so cultured!

Thank goodness I have a hot date with B tonight..otherwise I think I would positively burst with anticipation!


Crystal Palace Yarns said...

I like the green combo! But the yellow and college prep look good, too.

I hope you'll post photos so we can link to your results!

One thing about Panda Cotton - you'll have enough for a pair if you knit on 1.5s or 2s - on 0s you might not since Panda C. is a slighty bit thicker than some sock yarns (we planned it that way to make for slightly quicker knitting).

I'm glad you like the feel of Panda C!

Susan at Crystal Palace Yarns

Miss Scarlett said...

Whoo Hoo! Bring on the Madness!
I just found out about it the other day and I am having a hard time waiting - you have known since November?? Wow. That is some serious waiting you had to do.
I don't have my yarn ready yet...still waiting for an e-mail, but was accepted to the Flickr group so am hoping that is enough!
Good luck!

Miss Scarlett said...

BTW I love that Avalon colourway

Jean said...

I was was trying to play it cool, but I had that Christmas morning anticipation for sock madness, too. I didn't set the alarm (I'm also on pacific time) because I just didn't want to be so gung-ho about it. But then I couldn't help but wake up at 5:45 and rush to the computer.